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I just wanted to pop in and announce that I am officially selling a few items from my closet on Poshmark! For those that don't know, Poshmark is a super easy-to-navigate website/app where you can sell clothes, jewelry, accessories, etc. and also shop the closets of other people!

If you're interested in shopping my closet, you can do so here. I've only sold one item so far and it's pretty exciting!! Currently I am selling items from the outfit posts below, in addition to a few other things:

Do you use Poshmark? I'd love to hear your experience with it!


  1. I love Poshmark and have had the best experience selling on there! Good luck!

  2. I use poshmark all the time- and I've got a few friends hooked on it too! Its so easy and fun!
    -Angela & Amy


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