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Graduation Party Recap

Having my graduation party on Saturday afternoon, the day following my graduation, was absolutely the best idea. Although there were quite a few other parties that day, it meant so much to celebrate while my family was all still in town! My friends stopped over, too, and the party lasted until literally 2 AM, and even then a few of my girlfriends slept over. Leave it to me to order cupcakes, accessorize them all in custom flags, and then eat like 10 of them myself.... eh, it was a celebratory occasion so #noshame. 

The party itself was incredibly fun, the food was delicious (we catered pulled pork sandwiches and also grilled kabobs), and the company was fabulous. Just being surrounded by the people I love most was enough to fill a gorgeous afternoon. I wore the same dress I wore Thursday night to baccalaureate, which I unfortunately can not find anywhere online, but you can shop similar dresses below:



  1. Congrats again on graduating Frannie! Your party looks like it was such a fun time!


  2. You just rocked this Graduation party. That fun photo session is superb and just downloaded some mermaid themed printable to use in my graduation bash. Have booked one of popular party venues in Miami and hoping to organize it perfectly!


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