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Graduation Gift Ideas

I may have missed the prime time to post on this particular topic given that many of my friends have already celebrated their graduations, but with the spirit of this post and all of the graduation parties to come, it can't hurt to think a little more thoughtfully about what gifts to pick out for your friends to celebrate their hard work!

When it comes to graduation gifts, they can be a tricky one to shop for. From your parents you might ask for something special, like a nice piece of jewelry or a new set of luggage. However, when it comes to getting gifts for your friends it can be hard to find something suitable (and affordable!) for 10 different girls (or guys) celebrating the same event as you.


Personalized Stationery // Perfect for all of the thank you's the graduates will have to write

Smartphone Wristlet // The ideal carry-all that will transfer smoothly from class during the day to parties in college

Monogrammed Robe // No need to fear people seeing you hopping out of the shower when you're covered and looking cute

Nice Perfume // A part of growing up means feeling a little more sophisticated, and a new scent always helps add to that!

Champagne Candle // Such a fun little gift to "pop" open and remind you of celebration every time you light it. (This is an especially good gift to stock up on if you have to buy a little something for a lot of people)

Sunglasses // You know her future will be bright ;)

"Aim High" and "Accomplish Magnificent Things" // I received a Dogeared necklace for my eighth grade graduation, and the inspirational meanings on each necklace is a beautiful and sentimental touch to a classic piece of jewelry at an affordable price. There are a ton of options here, and I also love the "Congratulations" and "Good Luck" options.

State Necklace // Know someone heading out of state for college? I think surprising someone with their home state necklace is such a cute idea so they can always feel close to home and reminded of the people who love them!

Luggage // Graduation is the perfect time to ask for a bigger gift, and especially if you plan to study abroad, this could be a really practical idea.

Weekender bag // Think of how often college students might want to head home for the weekend or go visit a friend at another school!

Happy graduation shopping :)

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