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Chicago Recap

This Saturday I went down to Chicago with Caroline and two of our other friends for a fun impromptu day trip. Our motivation to go was Carly's event at Vineyard Vines, which ended up being such a blast, and a really great excuse to explore Chicago and enjoy the perfect weather the windy city was having this weekend!

Our day started when we almost missed our 8:15 train from MKE to Union Station in Chicago, but just barely made it buying our tickets 30 seconds before the gates closed. 

When we arrived, we walked to the bean, and then continued to Firecakes. Firecakes Donuts were ah-mazing, and considering we were all starving by this point, they couldn't have hit the spot any more. (I had the coconut cream, but we all tried each other's and my favorite was definitely the vanilla iced with pearls!)

Following our donuts, we walked off a few of those carbs by heading to Michigan Avenue where we all had some shopping success (if you're curious about the leggings on my snapchat story, this pair is identical) and tried on far too many things!

We had lunch at Neiman Marcus, where Elizabeth and I introduced Caroline and Karlie, the popover virgins, to the heavenly world of Neiman's popovers and raspberry butter. Ugh, seriously nothing better! I also enjoyed the lemon shrimp salad.

At Neiman's I also couldn't resist trying on this dress. Seriously, have you ever seen anything better than an all-striped-everything maxi?!

We left and took a shortcut on our way to Carly's event through Bloomingdale's and Club Monaco (tell me that gingham bikini isn't to die for)

Once we arrived at Vineyard Vines, it was so exciting to see Carly again! There were quite a few people in line to chat with her, so we explored Oak Street a little more, popping into Kate Spade and Tory Burch, and then eventually Elizabeth and Karlie had to head on their train home.

Caroline and I went back to see Carly again at VV and wound up spending a little more time with her just hanging out and catching up before we took the 5 o'clock train home for dinner and Netflix (my first time seeing Sixteen Candles!)

Overall it was such a fun day, and I'm so glad we went! Days like Saturday make me realize how lucky I am to be able to just hop on a train to such a fun city. I would say I should go more often, but then it wouldn't be as special. I may, however, be back this coming Monday if I tag along to take my brother back to school after my graduation this weekend.

How was your weekend?


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous! Love the striped maxi on you.

    Rachel /

  2. I love Chicago, looks like you had fun!

    Caiti // Caiti Nicole Blog

  3. Looks like such a fun day! I LOVE that gingham bikini!



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