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This Week's Top 10

1. I can't believe I'm leaving NOLA today! It has seriously been the best vacation... did you follow along on Insta and Snapchat (@franacciardo)?

2. Oh, are you looking for the most ideal iPhone option?

3. SO. OBSESSED. W/ this peacock bikini top.

5. This post on teenage relationships is so relatable... Wow, so much support for the Undeniable Report #praisehandsemoji

7. Officially my new favorite jeans.

8. I am loving this brand of shoes right now... I tried on a ton of pairs of these here in NOLA and they are so beyond comfy and cute.

10. Have a fabulous weekend! Do you have any favorite ways to detox? I feel like I need to do at least something since eating the best food in N'awlins ;)


PS- Rabbit, rabbit! Happy April!


  1. Sounds like you had fun in NOLA! My favorite detox foods are lemon juice and chia seed pudding.

    girl C

  2. In number 6 the link is broken. In number 8 you linked to the peacock bikini again.


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