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Winter Formal Recap

Formal on Saturday night was so much fun! Because winter formal is just for juniors and seniors, this isn't a dance I've gone to for the last four years, but it was still another bittersweet senior moment. I picked out my dress Saturday morning (super well planned, I know) after I had my friend drop off a few of her dresses for me. Since my dress didn't work out, I had to borrow a dress, which I usually don't prefer doing but I ended up wearing this velvet backless dress and loved it. I am definitely considering buying it myself because I love the way it looked, and it was so comfortable! I also feel like I could wear it a ton in college.

The dance itself was fine (that's never really the part anyone looks forward to!), but dinner and pictures before were so much fun. The before part is always my favorite, and of course the after parties are usually a good time as well. Our after party for this dance was really low-key but still fun to just hang out with everyone and finish off the night.

I forgot my camera and the lighting wasn't the best in the room we were in, but I still think we managed to get a few nice pictures even if some were iPhone quality! I am a little obsessed with that picture of Jack and I... not gonna lie haha.

Also, in case you're curious, I styled the dress with my hair half back tied in a black bow, my favorite silver heels (very similar here), big silver earrings (similar), and this same bracelet. I like the minimalistic, classic and clean look with the velvet!

How was your weekend?

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  1. You look like you had a fun time!

    girl C


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