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The Hunt for Perfect Jeans

Ugh, denim. A million and one options quite literally to choose from, yet picking out jeans is one of the most challenging things out there! Maybe it is just the overwhelming selection, but between styles, washes, sizing, brands, stretch, etc., it seems almost impossible to find just the perfect pair of jeans.

I'm on the hunt for a new pair of dark skinny jeans and I don't even know where to begin! My favorite jeans right now are from J. Crew and GAP, but I think I want to go for something a little different. Do you have any suggestions for me? I really like all of the pairs above, but none jump out at me!

So, please do share! What's your favorite pair?


  1. I would try some jeans on in person for sure, but I highly reccent AG brand jeans. They are a splurge but feel so soft and stretchy you'll never want to wear another pair again!

  2. After trying so many brands my definite favorites are from Paige Denim! The Kylie Crop or Verdugo Ankle are a great length and are so soft and flattering!

  3. I have a few pairs of jeans from J. Crew, but over the last few years I have accumulated lots of Madewell jeans. I swear by them... they fit me so well! I also have a pair of jeans from Express that my friends always compliment on although they aren't my favorite pair because they are so long me (which I can get fixed). But seriously Madewell is my go to for denim.


  4. My favorite jeans are Gap jeans, since they tend to fit my figure, but some brands for jeans that I've been considering trying out have been Madewell jeans and Topshop jeans.
    Rebecca xo

  5. I am obsessed with Lucky Brand Jeans- the Charlie skinny jeans are amazing!



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