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Warm Weekend Wear

This weekend was beautiful. The weather was actually so nice that for once I didn't have to leave the house all bundled up in three sweaters, a jacket, a winter coat, hat, gloves, you get the picture. In fact, on Sunday afternoon, the temperature reached the low 60's and I comfortably wore this outfit outside! Of course, knowing Wisconsin, there could be a foot and a half of snow on the ground by the time this post goes live. Oh well, the warmth is always welcome whenever it comes around!

Did you watch the Oscars last night? If you have me on Snapchat (@ franacciardo), you know I spent a ton of time in the kitchen yesterday cooking a few yummy recipes. Keep your eyes open for those coming up on the blog! My mom was so happy I cooked dinner that she's skipping work today and letting me skip school so we can go see a movie together... #blessed. She's the best. It's in honor of leap day, of course, and my "bad case of bronchitis" ;) (or at least that's what she's telling my school, sorry not sorry) 



  1. Ugh I wish I could skip work today, enjoy the day off! Love this look, so classic and I would totally wear it!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  2. Love this, so classic and fun! The weather was just as warm here in Minnesota!

    Xo, Emma

  3. This outfit is so cute, Frannie! I'm loving your short hair!



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