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Reflecting on 2015

I can not believe it's already New Year's Eve!! When I look back on this year, I can't help but think of how much fun it was. I know I talked a little about it this morning, but I truly feel so blessed to have made all the memories that I did and to have all of the people in my life that I do. From my first trip to Paris in March to a complete tour of Europe in June, and so many other trips throughout the year, 2015 was really exciting in terms of travel. From starting senior year to discovering just about a week ago where I'll be spending the next four years has also made 2015 a year to be grateful for in terms of school, but I also know that'll be even more exciting in this year to come. Below are a few of my favorite moments from 2015...

January wasn't too exciting in terms of kicking off the year, but it did include the first of a few fun collaborations that I did with Caroline! I love having a BFF in the blogging world and real life too. It makes it even more fun!

February was such a fun trip to Philadelphia and New York City with one of my best friends, and that's when I toured the college that I am so excited to end up at! This was also my favorite post from February, and I filmed a Q&A video that month too!

In March, I went to France for two weeks for spring break and stayed as an exchange student in Limoges before spending a few days in Paris for the first time. It was definitely a trip to remember and the exchange was an experience of a lifetime.

April was my return from France and my first prom! Prom definitely isn't as big of a deal looking back on it, but it was a fun night to say the least.

In May I wrapped up my junior year after the second prom (for the boys school!), and then took my two best friends out to Rhode Island for a week. That trip, despite my jaunts to Europe and other more exciting destinations in terms of travel, was a trip I will never forget. That was the best week of my year and I loved every minute of it.

June was my big trip to Europe with my grandparents when I went to London, Barcelona, Paris, Venice, and Rome for two weeks. It was so cool and seriously such a treat. I loved spending time with my cousin who is like a sister to me but I don't get to see enough, and of course my grandparents too.

July was my second trip to the SGG Conference in New York with Caroline and my first trip out to the Hamptons. We had so much fun and I love seeing my online friends in real life, it's such a special week of the year. (this was my most liked Insta of the year!)

August was my seventeenth birthday and the start of senior year. I took another trip out to Rhode Island that month to visit my Dad and that was when I shot my senior pictures! They turned out beautifully and they are photos that I will cherish forever.

In September I started (officially) dating my boyfriend, loved every minute of my last season of field hockey, went to my last homecoming, and kicked off senior year. I loved this outfit post from September.

October was my second round of hosting a French student and that was quite the two weeks... I loved this post from October.

In November I returned to DC for the first time since eighth grade and had a blast hanging out with my Dad for a weekend. I also had a Friendsgiving and spent Thanksgiving in St. Louis with my mom's side of the family, and spent one weekend in Chicago with my best friend and her mom and my mom.

December has to have one of the best months of the year. From heading to Chicago for another weekend with my friend, her boyfriend, and my boyfriend, to hosting a cookie exchange for all of my friends and their mothers, to spending this past week on the East Coast for Christmas and even heading out to the Hamptons again, it really has been an incredible end to an incredible year.

To all of 2015 and the memories to come next year!


  1. I loved reading your recap of 2015! Happy New Year, Frannie!


  2. From what I can see your year was totally awesome! I'm so excited to hear more about your college decision and read more of TBP in 2016!

    Xoxo, Kate //


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