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My Favorite Holiday Traditions

If I haven't made it obvious enough already, the holidays are really my favorite time of year, and for me, some of the most special things about the season are the things that I get to look forward to year after year!

I almost always do a gift exchange with a group of friends. This year I am doing a gift exchange with my friend group at school, but in the previous recent years, I did one with DWC, which was such a fun way to bond as bloggers over the holidays.

I love the process of decorating our house. My mom makes a huge deal out of getting out all of our decorations and setting up our nutcrackers around the house and my dad and I always put the lights on our Christmas tree together. Because my dad lives in Rhode Island now, it's even more special to get to celebrate the holidays with him! I'll be in Rhode Island, Boston, and New York all over Christmas break this year and I am so excited.

My mom and my Christmas cookie exchange is this weekend, and I know I've already talked a little bit about that on the blog. It's something we used to do almost year year when I was younger, but this is the latest one since my freshman year. I am honestly so exciting for Sunday afternoon to spend with my friends, their moms, and a few of my mom's friends too. Cookies, a hot chocolate bar, Christmas decorations and music... what more could I ask for to celebrate the holidays with some of my favorite people!

Also, this is completely random, but I loved this post on Julia's blog the other day. (Think of this as an ode to skipping This Week's Top 10)

What are some of your Christmas traditions? Check out Caroline's post today to read all about her traditions too- we are nearing the end of our collab!


  1. Tis the most wonderful time of year!! I love decorating around the house too while listening to B101 Xmas music and watching my favorites xmas movies <3

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

  2. Are you doing a meet-up in New York?!

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