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Gift Guide: My Christmas List

I am so excited about today's post. I love seeing what other people are asking for for Christmas, because it's a gift guide that you know they truly believe in! I always make my Christmas list with more options on it then I know I will receive so I can be surprised on Christmas morning. I love how my parents are so good at keeping secrets so I never know what's under the tree for me until I start opening gifts.

This year, as my "big gift", I really love these Free People boots. They are a little more relaxed than a Tory Burch pair of riding boots (which are all actually on major sale right now!), for example, but they still fit the bill for a practical, comfortable, and stylish shoe. My old pair of riding boots are three or four years old and I definitely think it's time for an upgrade!

Also near the top of my list is the zip case from Mark and Graham and a Fitbit! I feel like in college I will want something small but cute to store cash, my dorm key, and anything else I might need on the go from class to class when I don't want to bring my whole wallet with me. Similarly, I am super into the idea of getting a Fitbit so I can get in shape by the time college rolls around. #thinkingahead, smart, I know ;)

Of course, my list wouldn't be complete without a few random things I'm just dying to have as well. I would love to frame this Jackie O Ice Cream print in my room, I've been longing to add something cute to my car keys and this puff is perfect, and I currently have this wallet but I am really in need of an upgrade, and I adore this Tory Burch option. This Patagonia jacket and a new pair of Nike's for school would also put a smile on my face under the tree! I also can't forget to mention my favorite candle in a delicious Chai scent. Ever since I smelled it in store a few weeks ago I have been dying to add it to my collection (the candle obsession never ends...). 

I know this is all a lot to ask for so I am definitely not expecting to receive most of it on Christmas, but I just thought it would be fun to share what I have on my list!

What are you asking for this year? See my other gift guides here.


  1. I love the color of the Fit Bit, so fun!


  2. seriously obsessed with that Tory Burch wallet..adding it to my christmas list!


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