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Staying on Track During the Holidays

As the holidays approach (seriously, how often have I found myself saying I can't believe ___ is already here?!), I am noticing that my list of things to cross off my to-do list is increasing, and my motivation is dwindling. When will I finally get the chance to sit by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and r-e-l-a-x?!

This past weekend was so low-key, and I'm kicking myself for not taking advantage of my super lazy Saturday and cranking out some work. Between AP classes, blog duties, the school newspaper and endless college $h!t, I accomplished a lot less this weekend then I should have. So, in lieu of that, today I am sharing a few of my favorite ways to crank out work when I'm loaded up with procrastination and I need a little motivation. I can't possible be the only one in this boat!

Make some tea and write a list // I am such a stress eater. It's bad. I will sit in my kitchen for an hour just thinking about everything I have to do and next thing I know I will have finished a whole pint of ice cream! I have found that making myself a cup of tea and taking it upstairs with me to my desk is the best way to go. Tea is meant to calm and soothe and destress your mind and body, and the taste curbs the urge for sugar! If I make a list and my mind is focused on my tasks rather than chocolate, I'll be so much more capable of checking those boxes. And, if you're like me and always cold, tea really can heat you up and make studying a lot more comfortable because you won't be shivering at your desk!

Put down your phone and get some sleep // These past few months I have taken huge advantage of my body's capability to function without a full eight hours of sleep, but this is definitely not a good thing. Just because some of us can make it through the day on five hours of sleep (or less!) does not mean we should. If you find yourself on your phone, getting distracted, or simply just not really accomplishing anything, then it is better to go to bed right away and give yourself some extra time in the AM to have a productive morning than to sacrifice sleep for unproductive time awake.

Schedule your time and make a plan // Write down everything you need to do for a day. Not specific assignments or tasks, but bigger things like "workout" or "service" or "appointment at 3 PM". Having a sense of the time that you actually are busy and occupied (don't forget to prioritize exercise... that should count as a scheduled block of time!) puts into perspective how much time you actually do have to accomplish all of the things you need to get done. Or, it might put into perspective that you really are busy and need to prioritize what must be accomplished at a particular time, and what can wait.

What are your tips to stay on track during the holidays?


  1. These tips are perfect for the craziness of midterm exams, thanks Frannie!


  2. These tips couldn't have come at a better time! I'm at the end of my quarter and the holidays are coming. You just reminded me I need to pick up the pace!
    girl C

  3. I think the one thing I have the hardest time doing is putting down my phone. I definitely need to work on unplugging!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  4. This is gonna save me when I have my dreaded midterms in two weeks!!


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