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Gift Guide: The Hostess

If you saw my post yesterday, it's quite possible you're now scheming out what party you'd like to throw next ;) , or maybe marking your calendars for some events you might already be attending! No matter your age or the type of holiday soiree you might be attending, bringing a hostess gift is always appropriate. It's the season to give to others and if someone is so kind to have a get together, the least you can do is give a little something something back.

A classic hostess gift might be a nice candle or a quality hot chocolate mix. However, I've gathered a few more fun and unique, and still perfectly appropriate, gifts in this hostess guide.

Monogrammed Mug // Simple and small, but the initial adds a personal touch, showing you actually did put a little thought into your hostess gift! This is a great way to really say "thank you" to the host.

Essential Oils // This festive kit has it all... hand soap, lotion, dish soap, countertop spray, candles, fragrance, and potpourri! All are scented like a "winter forest" and if you order online you can pick and choose your products, which is a wonderful and easy option.

Coffee Table Book // Everyone has a little collection of coffee table books, and if they don't, I'm sure they'd love to get started one one! You really can't go wrong if you pick something interesting that you think they might like... even just looking at the pictures is fun!

Dish Towel // Ornaments (Champagne, Snow Globe) // You really can't have too many of these, especially when you're picking out festive options!

Candy Jar // I saw this and loved it. Practical decor and little decorations are always a hit!

Stationery // Such an easy hostess gift, and they can always use it to write your thank-you note! It's a win-win.

Do you have any hostess gift ideas?


  1. Those candy jars are so cute! I would love to have a couple on my kitchen counters :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. I love all of these, so perfect for hostess gifts!



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