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The End of the Season

This year, my field hockey season was on another level. I don't think I've ever loved a group of 20 girls more in my life and I don't think anything could have possibly made this season more incredible than it was. Each year, field hockey has been fun, but I've always felt like our team was split into little friend groups or practice would be dreadful because I'd rather be sitting at home. This year could not have been more different. Every single one of us is the best of friends and each one of us loves every other girl on the team with our whole heart. I loved going to practice every single day, rain or shine, because the girls on my team made my day and my season so incredibly worthwhile and wonderful.

Tonight at the field hockey banquet I'm so sad to admit that my last field hockey season is over. So much has changed from JV 3 freshman year to Varsity this year and the memories from field hockey seasons past are some of my most cherished. I know this season, losing our semi-final game 1-0 in overtime was devastating, but the fact that we won during the regular season in a game against the ultimate state champs this year is a great feeling. The memories I have made and the 20 girls I can now call my best friends are not something that will disappear even if the season is over.

Our game ended last Thursday when the ball was flicked above our goalie's glove and into the top left corner of the net. The tears we all shed and the feelings we all felt were overwhelming. But we were not just crying because we had lost. We were crying because it meant our season was over one game too soon. I love the feeling of knowing that I had loved something so much that I just never wanted it to end.

I encourage each one of you to find something you love, something you think you could even remotely be passionate about, and go out there and take it. Life is nothing if you don't live it, and it's so important to love it along the way. I could not have asked for a more amazing way to start my senior year and I am so blessed for the fabulous three months that came from the best 20 girls on my team.


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  1. I know you're sad because it's over, but I know you're so happy that it happened! Try to dwell on the best parts :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista


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