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This Week's Top 10

1. I arrived in New York yesterday and had such a wonderful time. Shoutout to my girls coming to the Smart Girl's Conference that begins today!

2. Is it weird that I want to try this recipe?

3. The Nordstrom sale started early yesterday for cardmembers. I really love these sandals.

4. Shocking article about the heroin problem on Nantucket. So unexpected!

5. Who doesn't want to look like a VS model?! Four of the angels share their workout routines in this article.

6. Perhaps the most beautiful pillow I have ever seen in my life, right here.

7. Adore this dress I tried on in the Lilly store yesterday.

8. Loving Sammy's summer playlist right now.

9. Such a helpful round-up of tips for swimsuit shopping

10. I made a snapchat this week! Add me @ franacciardo to see behind the scenes of the blog, and stay updated on my trip! I've been posting a ton... oops!

Have a great weekend- what are your plans?


  1. Love this! Now I'm down the rabbit hole and reading all of these links, haha, thank you!
    Beautyosaurus Lex

  2. aaayyyyyy thanks for the shoutout buddy!!!!



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