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Rhode Island Instagram Recap

Hi everyone! I'm finally back after a two-week totally unplanned blogging hiatus. I ventured out to Rhode Island for a week, came back and had field hockey all last week, but now I'm seriously devoting a little more time to my little spot here in lieu of my last few days of free time before I'll be off exploring a few European countries for the next two weeks! Today I want to share a few snaps from my trip to Rhode Island given that it may or may not have been my most favorite vacation I've ever been on so far! Traveling with my two best friends made it even better and seriously so much fun. I'd give anything to be sipping iced coffee on the cliff walk again...

Um, okay. First of all, there is a brand new Lilly store on Thames Street in Newport and it's so freaking cute I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I walked in! Before, there was just a preppy store (which is still right next store) that sold Lilly, VV, KJP, Jack's, etc. but now there is an actual Lilly store in Newport! The selection isn't the best, probably just given that it's a little smaller and still pretty new, but it's still such a fun and bright store.

One of my favorite streets in Newport has and always will be Bellevue Avenue. Not only are the mansions all lined up against the cliffs before the water, but the other "regular" (still huge) homes are on the other side of the street making just the most gorgeous view for a morning or afternoon stroll. My friends and I actually did the cliff walk and then walked back on Bellevue for a change of scenery and our 3 hour and 9.5 mile walk was nothing short of gorgeous.

A view from the cliff walk looking at a gorgeous family home over the water.

One of my traditions every time I'm in Newport is to grab lobster mac n' cheese one night (or more, I don't limit myself...) for dinner. Mac and cheese and lobster are my two favorite foods, and this amazing dish is so darn delicious, especially in the summer where the best seafood is right at my fingertips! If you're ever in Newport, I've tried lobster mac at a few different places, but I would definitely recommend stopping at the Landing for a taste.

Another one of my Newport faves is Chace n' Lulu boutique. I've always though the store sums up Newport perfectly.. classic style but not "overly preppy" while still being super fun all around. Every time I go in I always have to control myself for fear I'll buy out the whole store.

What are you up to this week?


  1. That lobster mac and cheese looks unbelievably good. And that's so awesome that there is a Lilly store in Newport. I'd love to visit some day. Have a great week!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  2. My stomach needs to try that lobster mac and cheese! Also, congrats on the new Lilly store! Ahh, I can't wait for the day that Lilly opens up on the West coast!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

  3. That all looked like a lot of fun. I've never been to Rhode Island but from your pictures and from what I've heard it's beautiful!

  4. What gorgeous pictures! The lobster mac and cheese looks amazing.

    - Obiter Darling

  5. That Lilly store is too cute! Rhode Island looks so beautiful!


  6. Love this pics! That Lilly wallpaper is fabulous- wish I had it in my bedroom! :)
    This Side of Paradise


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