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My Christmas List

Um, Christmas is less than a week away! Can you even believe it?! My last exam is this morning and I am so happy to have them over with! I'll be celebrating the holidays this weekend with a few parties to attend and then next week will finally be the holiday we've all been waiting for! 

Today I'm sharing my Christmas List, because I know a few people have been asking for it, and I love to see what everyone else wants for themselves (a great way to add onto my own!) Last year I wanted a DSLR camera specifically, but this year I'm not asking for anything particularly big! It's the little things ;)

What's on your list? Do share!


  1. Those Lulu Leggings are PERFECT!


  2. The black Nordstrom boots are so cool!
    Love your picks (:
    Affordable by Amanda

  3. Love the clutch!


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