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Exam Study Tips

Ahh, my exams start tomorrow with my two biggest ones right off the bat! Just a little inspiration for everyone out there studying right now...

When are your exams? I only have four this year, and I usually have six, so I'm really excited that I'll only have one on both Thursday and Friday (and they're not too bad either!).

My tips...

Make a study guide. This is the hardest part! Once you've got this all thrown together you've magically already learned a bunch of material by typing or writing it up, so reviewing a study guide a few more times usually does the trick for me (maybe we shouldn't be taking study tips from me... I'm one of those kids who doesn't actually study for tests, oops)

Get a good night's sleep. My motto is, if it's not working, just go to bed. How many hours have we wasted awake "studying" when we really are just sitting on our phones?! If you can't get up the motivation to study, honestly, just go to bed. You'll probably be doing yourself a favor- we retain info in our sleep!

Have a nice breakfast. There is honestly nothing worse than getting your exam and not being able to focus because you're starving. Ok, maybe getting your exam and realizing you know absolutely nothing is worse, but I think we have all moved past that stage in our life. Have a balanced meal before your exam so you can concentrate and perform your best!
Good luck to all!


  1. Eating breakfast, especially before a big test!, has always been hard for me-this is my senior year of college & I think I've finally realized how important it really is, it makes a world of difference!

    xoxo, SS

  2. So true!!



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