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Tips for Taking the Perfect Selfie

I'm a self proclaimed selfie addict. My mom thinks it's a sickness, but I think it's just a side effect of being really popular on snapchat (kidding). With my slight obsession comes skill, and I've achieved some great selfie-taking tricks throughout my addiction. 

It all comes down to three things: the lighting, the face, and the angle. 

The Lighting | Unless you're going for that pixel, super grainy, drug addict look, I don't recommend taking selfies in semi-light areas. Never a good idea. However, if you have no choice, flash selfies (turn the flash on and turn around your phone) always look suuuuper trippy, but the best lighting for selfies is a fully naturally lit area!

The Face | I'm pretty sure everyone who snapchats me hates me because 99% of my selfies are the exact same duck face look. Seriously, it's becoming a problem. Buuuut, once you find what works for you, stick with it!

The Angle | Always have your phone above tilted slightly down on you to make you look your best. Not only will this make you look more slim, you'll also avoid any double chin problems you could otherwise run into.

What are your tips? Have a great weekend!!!


  1. That photo is absolutely adorable - Oh! How I miss New York! And you too, I guess ;) Love these tips Fran! You definitely are the Selfie Queen and we definitely all love your selfies!


  2. Nice tips and that photo of you is so cute!

    Mina | Cream Coloured Ponies

  3. The queen of selfies = Frannie! I loved this post though! Super useful tips!

    Xo! Katelyn //

  4. ^^ You're literally the selfie queen, so obviously I'll take any tips you might have :)

  5. I need to practice the camera focusing down selfie skill.


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