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Why You Should Shop Crewcuts

So... I had an extremely busy week. Tomorrow is homecoming for my school, meaning this past week was spirit week. Every year we have something called Dash-A-Thon on the thursday preceding homecoming. Dash-A-Thon is one of my favorite days of the whole year because we raise a ton of money for the school and then walk 7 miles on Thursday! It's fun to see everyone dress up and I can definitely say that you don't know what it's like to have glitter in your hair until you go through a Dash-A-Thon... I think I shampooed 3 times last night? Anyyywhoooo.... I figured what better to share today than my homecoming dress for tomorrow!! My date and I will be twinning in all J. Crew everything (#blessed)

Oh wait... {My dress} is from crewcuts. 

I am usually a 2/4 in J. Crew and I ordered a size 16 in this dress from crewcuts... Um, I was 99% sure I wasn't going to be able to breathe when I put it on but I ordered it anyways, and not only does it fit, it's big. I probably could've gone for the 14! It doesn't fit awkwardly and I'm utterly impressed.

I have to admit it's a little strange that I'm wearing a crewcuts dress to hoco, but honestly, I don't care that much considering how cute it is! Seriously, I'm going to shop crewcuts more often.

Do you ever shop the kids section?

I'm heading to Chicago today for a French field trip to a French restaurant and a tour of some of the exhibits at the Art Museum! Have a great weekend!


  1. I love shopping in the kids section (being 5' 2"!). I don't know how tall you are, but how would you say the Crewcuts dress fits on you length-wise; I always worry, when ordering clothes from the kids section online, that they will be really short and look really strange on me?! :)

  2. I love to shop in the kids section! I'm barely 5'1 and I usually wear a 00. I've been a bit hesitant to shop J. Crew kids sizes without trying them on but I definitely will be now. That dress is so cute!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  3. I love shopping at Crewcuts! Their dresses are amazing and you would never know they were made for kids. My friend tried on that dress the other day and it was adorable on!


  4. I wish I could shop in the kid's section! I find I'm a bit too tall and things don't really fit, but now I'm super jealous because Crewcuts seems like an amazing option.

    Mina | Cream Coloured Ponies

  5. I always shop at crewcuts! The size 16 fits me perfectly ((actually a little big)) and the styles I love! I find that the crewcuts is a little bit more fun and fitting for my age (15) and everything is adorable.



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