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Homecoming Recap

Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from Saturday night. {You can read about my dress here}

The dance was slightly less fun than previous years because of an interesting venue change, but dinner, pictures, and the after party were quite a success! Half of our group showed up over 20 minutes late to pictures, so unfortunately there wasn't a lot of time to take group photos. However, the pictures we got this year are definitely the best yet!

My date and I... It took me a solid 10 minutes to get his boutonniere on straight. Oops!

How was your weekend?


  1. You looked beautiful!! xo

  2. Aw you look beautiful! Still can't believe that's a dress from the J.Crew kids section!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  3. Your look simply stunning, that's such a gorgeous dress and from crewcuts?! Who knew they had cute stuff! You and your date are so cute as well, looks like a great night!

  4. You and your date are so cute! I'm loving your dress too!

    Xo, Katelyn //


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