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I'm taking economics this semester and my teacher keeps stressing the importance of understanding that every single thing you do is a choice. You had the choice to read this blog post, I had the choice to write it. I had the choice to eat my dinner and do my homework last night. Everything is a choice and the benefits must outweigh the cost. That's that hardest part.

This weekend I am invited on a field hockey tournament in St. Louis. This weekend I also got asked out on a date... kind of. I actually couldn't tell you if it's a date or not because I really have no idea. Do I make the choice to go to the tournament, better myself at a sport I love, and bond with teammates? Or do I make the choice to hang out with a super cute boy that I've been talking to a lot lately? The benefits must outweigh the cost of every choice. By choosing one thing to do this weekend, it'll cost me the other option. There's always next year for the tournament or next weekend to hang out with the boy. But will I get a lot of playing time on this tournament? But what if one of my friends also likes this boy?

How do you go about making your choices?


  1. I really like this post. I have had so many awkward experiences with boys that I now decide to put myself in front of boys. Boys are fun and cute, but I always get distracted by them. I think going to the tournament is important. Maybe you could go on the date next week. The boy might appreciate your dedication to your sport.

  2. Great post. First I would say always choose your friends and what you really care about (aka field hockey), because those experiences will be things that you never forget (and most of the time boys end up being mean or annoying). However, I also understand that sometimes you just want to choose the more exciting option. I once skipped seeing a broadway show for free (albeit one I had already seen) just to hang out with a boy. It definitely wasn't the right decision. Either way make sure to let the guy know you would love to hang out the next weekend :) Good Luck!


  3. I think that you should hit up the tournament as it's something you really love & it's only a one-time-a-year thing. If the boy really does like you, he'll understand & ask you to hang out some other time. :)

    Mandie ~

  4. FRAN!! this post is amazing! seriously made me think more about my own choices (not kidding at all). I know whatever you choose it'll be the right decision, but ultimately, like you said, the benefits must out weigh the cost. Is dat boy worth it? Maybe ;)

  5. I agree with Chloe, this post TOTALLY made me think about what I'm choosing to do. Now I'm second guessing my choice of scrolling through twitter while I should be asleep... #oops Love this post bean!


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