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Weekend Recap

Hello, hello, and happy Monday! I feel like I fell off the face of the {blogging} earth this week with my little blogging hiatus... oops! I'm back with some motivation and a new blogging schedule {the erratic posting is coming to an end, people!}. I could not be more excited for what is coming to this little blog. This weekend was a big step for me as a blogger and I'm too excited to share with you all the fun things I have planned!

If you follow me on Insta {OMG, thank you all for helping me hit 1,000!}, you know I had the lovely opportunity to head down to Chicago on Friday after school with Caroline to attend the Madewell event hosted by Liz Schneider. SO much fun! More pics to come in a few days..

Post-Madewell I was pleased to enjoy the hands-down best meal of my life at Luxbar. I've posted about Luxbar before {here}, and once again, my expectations were exceeded. Sharing the truffle fries, caesar salad, and mac and cheese, Caroline and I were flung straight into a food coma and also, a relatively heavenly experience. It was that good. But also extremely bad for me... YOLO?

Not kidding, more food {I should probably go to the gym}; Saturday was yet another brunch!

On Sunday, I did a little shooting for the blog :) As I mentioned a few days ago, I got a new lens, hence why I had a bit too much fun snapping pics and playing around this weekend. Along with other things, my camera will be featured soon!

How was your weekend?


  1. Love these photos! The event with Madewell looked like so much fun. So exciting that you got a new lens! I bought a new lens for my Nikon a couple of years ago and I was too excited.

    Constance || Prep Northwest

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