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Weekend Recap

Hola chicas! Happy Monday! I had a three day weekend propelling me into the official start of fourth quarter at school today! I think I can speak for half my school when I say thank goodness third quarter is over. Grades plummeted and it was overall rough. Unfortunately, fourth quarter doesn't look too promising as I start off the week with a new essay assignment and, um, I sort of got in trouble this weekend meaning spring break is cancelled for me... ha I swear I'm not a bad kid.

Thursday night and all day Friday were pretty typical. I hung out with friends, went to track practice on Friday even though we didn't have school which was annoying, and then had a sleepover with my best friend Friday night. I made this super delicious and pretty healthy breakfast Saturday morning all by myself {#gofran}. In case you can't tell, we had {virgin} mimosas, parfaits in daiquiri glasses, and waffles loaded with syrup and fruit... mmmmm!

Saturday afternoon a few friends and I met up for lunch at a cute coffee shop downtown. A little life advice for y'all: if you're going to be having a serious friendship conversation I do not recommend doing it in public. Long story short, our never-ending drama-filled friend group was experiencing mild turbulence and we decided to work it out over lunch. {I'm aware that a bagel and waffle in one day is tres stupide... talk about too much in one day, ha. On a more positive note, if the opportunity to try an asiago sun-dried tomato bagel ever comes your way, I strongly recommend it.}

Of course, after a rough day Saturday, I needed a little retail therapy to get me through. Simply the best.

Sunday morning was a fun birthday brunch for the cutest lHc. My shoe of choice was the above pair that I have previously talked about here.

I'm not one to go for quiche, but I have to say that this vegetable option was the best I have ever had. Seriously obsessed.

What's a country club brunch without even more virgin mimosas?

lHc and I

How was your weekend?


  1. ah your weekend sounds absolutely fabulous (minus the spring break fiasco)
    love all these pictures!

  2. AH! Love all your pictures and the food looks so yummy!

  3. Looks like it was a fun weekend filled with seriously delicious food! Good luck with all the friend drama! Know that it all goes away after high school so don't worry about it all too much.


  4. Beautiful pictures! It sure sounds like you had a great weekend :)

  5. You are such a good photographer! You should make a post on how you created such an amazing looking breakfast! Love it so much!! Abbee Kenney

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend and all of that food looks delish! Those shoes are so cute!

    The Preppy Equestrian


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