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How I Organize My Planner

Hello, hello! Today I will be sharing how I organize my planner, and a little bit of how I organize my monthly calendar. I use a Lilly large agenda for school, and a Sugar Paper desk calendar for everything else!

I write all of my assignments in pink pen, and all of my notes to myself in pencil. After I complete an assignment, I cross it off in pencil. A lot of people highlight their assignments once they finish them, but when I highlight things it usually signifies importance, and I don't find completed assignments very important, so that method doesn't work for me.

When I don't complete an assignment, I either cross it off with a squiggly line, or I circle it. I will cross it off with a squiggly line if it's not a big deal that I didn't do it, because it's due in a few days or something, and I will circle it if it's very important to get done.

My Sugar Paper calendar is so nice to have. I use it to keep track of life events, big school assignments or events, and blog posts. As you can see, the pink is consistent with my agenda and also represents school on my calendar as well. Pencil symbolizes life just like in my planner, and then my blog post ideas are written in light blue.

Here's another view of my planner and agenda. It's pretty straightforward, which I like. Sometimes people can go overboard with their color coordination, but this method really works for me.

What are your tips? Show me how you organize your planner, leave the link, and I'll be sure to check out your post!


  1. Your organization is impressive! I always try to color coordinate things but I usually just end up using the pen that is closest to me. I've also tried to switch to a digital calendar, but I'm with you in that everything has to be written down!


  2. Color coordinating is so helpful when organizing school vs. personal life. I use different colors to represent different courses I'm taking in school, and black for personal things!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  3. I love seeing how people organize their planners! So cute.

  4. Love this Fran! The notes in pencil is a fabulous idea. Now I'm inspired to do my own post haha ;)

  5. I love how clean and organised your planner is! I'm guilty of over colour coding mine so I think I'm going to give your idea of one colour to highlight and pencil to cross out - thanks for the inspiration!

    The Life & Times of Belle

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  7. I use color coding for university because I have a lot of courses, and this tip work for me very well :D Your agenda seems to be really cute!


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