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Do What Makes You Happy


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day on Friday and a fun weekend to follow... I know for me my weekend was exhausting- I spent 25 hours at a barn (no heat btw) for a field hockey tournament... Although it was cold and extremely draining, it was so much fun.

Speaking of Valentine's Day... I had another one of my little epiphany's yesterday and started wondering why we celebrate it and why there is so much debate over it. If you weren't aware, Valentine's Day comes from St. Valentine, who, believed by the Catholic church, is the saint of love. Nowadays Valentine's Day is obviously celebrated to share a fun evening with your significant other ;) or some girlfriends for dinner and too much chocolate. In a sense, Valentine's Day is supposed to mean spending time with those whom you love and those who make you happy. I personally like the holiday; it's fun to be in all pink all day long and there's is simply no down side to spending time with friends.

So why so many people don't like Valentine's day is beyond me... Maybe you don't have a valentine to share it with or maybe you're not one to fuss over little things in life, but you should always do what makes you happy and that can be, deep down, what Valentine's Day is all about.



  1. Love this! I definitely agree, I do not have a boyfriend, but I spent the evening with my best friends! It was amazing!


  2. I love this, and I totally agree I can't let boys get me down. I just had a girls night on Valentine's day.


  3. I love this post! Super uplifting, and you're right; everyone needs to follow their heart. Thanks so much for sharing!



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