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Splash of Flavor

infused water

I used to hate drinking water. I never drank it regularly - except for maybe one glass a day - until this year. I think it's all about your water bottle, because I know for me I am very particular about that. {I have this water bottle.} I need something that doesn't spill, leak, or sweat. I love my Camelbak because it's monogrammable (#bonus) and I can just flip up the straw thing to drink.

The other day at lunch one of my friends popped a few slices of cucumber into my water and oh my gosh, it was so good. The cucumber made my water so sweet and delicious... I think I drank a full water bottle each class period for the rest of day.

Here are a few infusion combinations I've found...

-Lemon, Raspberry, Mint
-Orange, Lemon, Lime
-Cucumber, Mint
-Blackberry, Cherry, Mint
-Strawberry, Kiwi

Do you infuse your water?

Weekend Recap

As I mentioned, Saturday night was Spring/Sophomore fling at my school. It was oh, so much fun and my friends and I took our fair share of pictures...

I had a few inches cut off of my hair and then I had it curled earlier that afternoon, so I was pretty happy with how that turned out. It was an all around wonderful evening which didn't quite end up 5:30 AM... Yeah, I don't know if I'll be pulling another all-nighter for a while. I woke up at 10:30 which was a decent five hours of sleep, but then I had to go straight to field hockey where I proceeded to slip and fall and smash my head on a concrete floor. I will be getting tested in a few days to see if I'm concussed #cantwait (not).

How was your weekend?


What. A. Week. I mentioned somewhere that I haven't had a full 5 day week of school in two months, so these past couple days have been beyond exhausting trying to muster myself into a routine and actually do homework for hours on end. To say I've been slammed is an understatement; I've gotten basically no sleep.

Buuuut, on the bright side... This week has treated me pretty well for the inevitable 5 day week that was so. I picked up a brand spankin' new iPhone 5s (hellooooo, home button that takes you home and lock button that actually locks!) for my upgrade from my old iPhone 4 that glitched and froze and crashed every 5 minutes. In addition, it was my half birthday yesterday so I finally got my temps, aka temporary license aka permit! I'm really quite young for my grade so it was a great joy to finally get my temps even though half of my friends already have their licenses or are getting them in these next few months.

Finally, tomorrow is Sophomore Fling (or Spring Fling) at my school and I am so very excited. My dress is from Topshop, and I'm getting my hair cut and styled before the big evening! This is supposed to be one of the best dances so I hope that proves itself to be true!

How was your week? Happy Friday!

Midi Skirts

I was never really a big fan of the "midi" skirt. My legs are pretty high up on my "favorite features of myself" list (not that I actually have a list or anything... no worries), right behind my hair, and so I've always naturally gravitated towards mini skirts. But, just last night I stumbled on this picture via Pinterest and totally changed my mind...

You can see the comparison of the mini skirt vs midi skirt and I have to say that the midi skirt has found itself a new place in my heart... It's so elegant and oh, that pink is TDF

How I would style it...

crop top // skirt // sandals

I could probably never pull this off for the life of me, but I think a sleek crop top and fun strappy sandals would be such a an easy breezy, fun look.

What's your opinion on the midi skirt?

Do What Makes You Happy


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day on Friday and a fun weekend to follow... I know for me my weekend was exhausting- I spent 25 hours at a barn (no heat btw) for a field hockey tournament... Although it was cold and extremely draining, it was so much fun.

Speaking of Valentine's Day... I had another one of my little epiphany's yesterday and started wondering why we celebrate it and why there is so much debate over it. If you weren't aware, Valentine's Day comes from St. Valentine, who, believed by the Catholic church, is the saint of love. Nowadays Valentine's Day is obviously celebrated to share a fun evening with your significant other ;) or some girlfriends for dinner and too much chocolate. In a sense, Valentine's Day is supposed to mean spending time with those whom you love and those who make you happy. I personally like the holiday; it's fun to be in all pink all day long and there's is simply no down side to spending time with friends.

So why so many people don't like Valentine's day is beyond me... Maybe you don't have a valentine to share it with or maybe you're not one to fuss over little things in life, but you should always do what makes you happy and that can be, deep down, what Valentine's Day is all about.


Happy Valentine's Day!

v day

Wow. This has been such a long week.. Our first five day week at my school since the beginning of December (over two months, I know). Good thing today is Friday... oh, and Valentine's Day ;)

Tonight I have plans for a fun "galentine's" day with the gals (get it?) with a workout after school, fondue for dinner - which sounds ironic considering we are working out before but basically that's just all the more reason to indulge, and then I was thinking something along the lines of seeing Endless Love, that new chick flick that comes out today or most likely just returning home to some more chocolate alone and oooh, maybe even taking a bubble bath? I picked up The Fault In Our Stars at the library last night after watching the trailer like 12 times in a row, and I'm far too excited to begin reading it.

What are your plans?

Trend: Silver Heels

With spring {hopefully} right around the corner and street style being huge right now (hello, it's only #nyfw), I've had a minor obsession with silver heels. I snagged a pair this weekend at a local boutique but I've been crushing on {this pair} for a while now... So easy yet such a fun, chic statement to an outfit. My BFF Chloe told me if she saw me out in my new shoes she would totally snap a street style picture of me... #bestcomplimentever.

A few of my favorites here...

What do you think of the silver shoes trend?

Style Icon: Eva Chen

Ahh, typical me... Only a three day week this week! Tomorrow and Friday are off for who knows what but I'm not complaining! Tonight I am taking my temporary license test (eep!) and then tomorrow and Friday will be spent hanging out with friends!

Speaking of friends... I want to make Eva Chen my new BFF. The Editor-In-Chief of Lucky magazine is the cutest thing in the world and I just want to sit and sip cappuccino's with her and gossip all day and maybe go shoe shopping because why not?!

Tell me Eva's not your new style icon too...

Hint of Red


cardigan: banana republic // shoes: cole haan // belt: banana republic // scarf: j. crew (old)

Happy Saturday! In honor of February being the month of red and pink, I figured nothing would be more appropriate than a pair of cherry red oxfords! We all know how much I love big cats so the leopard belt was a must as well. 

Speaking of February... I can't believe the first month of 2014 has already passed. Have you kept up with your resolutions?


PS- How cute is eJm's new puppy?! If you remember this post (my first outfit post!) I was with her old dog, Bode, who passed away a few months ago. Being the Bernese Mountain dog lovers her family is, they already have a new and just as cute puppy... Leo!