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Gallery Wall

I scrounged the internet for beaucoup de print shops, and I didn't have as much luck as I thought I would! As I mentioned, I'm redoing my room, and I would love to do a small gallery wall... Here's what I've found so far:

I love this little mix of prints I found, but I would love more suggestions of cute prints and places to look!

Please leave a comment with a suggestion {or two}!

Shop Away!

Happy Black Friday! I'm sure most of you will be hitting up the malls today and score all of the fabulous deals, myself included!

Time to embrace our inner Blair Waldorf! Let me know what you purchase!

Thankful For...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope you all have a fabulous day filled with gratitude, family and friends! I composed a list of things I'm thankful for and included not only the basics like family and friends, but also those things that we all take for granted every day... After doing a little service work last Saturday I really learned to appreciate more that I have a nice house, enough food to eat, water at my fingertips, etc.

What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving Style

eJm and I always take my outfit post pictures at her house because she has this phobia of letting her camera leave her house... But, I'm not complaining! How cute is her living room and how well does it complement my outfit? 

sweater: loft // skirt: asos (last seen here) // pumps: aldo

I bought these heels a few weeks ago because I was modeling in a fashion show, and let me tell you, by the time that was over I almost cried my feet hurt so bad! I feel they just take a little getting used to though- this is my first pair of 4 and a quarter inch heels!! On the other hand, this sweater/skirt combo is so easy and comfortable! Although I do have a few options, this could be a possibility for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night!



I am flying out to Boston today to celebrate Thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family. I might tour Boston College while I'm in the city (might as well get a head start!) and I can't wait to shop a little on Black Friday in a city that actually has real stores! Of course, I'm excited to see my family too and hope you all enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving with yours as well!

Leave a comment letting me know what your plans are- I'd love to hear!

Weekend Finds

I have my blog instagram {follow me @theblondeprep!!!} which I use mainly just for posting pictures; I don't normally scroll through my feed because I just log out and go back onto my personal account. But, yesterday I was leaving lots of comments and liking lots of lovely pictures and I found a few items that just tickled my fancy and caused me to do a little online shopping!


I know, I know. Certainly an interesting mix of products! Buuut, I'm obsessed with them all! That sequin top? It's #navyornothing and perfect for the holidays! How fun are those smoking slippers (currently on sale!)? Thanks to Sarah Belle I found a less expensive pair of these, and they're almost the exact same! Aaaand, it wouldn't be a complete post without a touch of interiors! I'm obsessed with this sheepskin rug, and it isn't too pricey at all!
Have a fabulous Monday!

Thanksgiving Staples


A few of my current lusts in pretty fall hues to help you get in the spirit of the holiday, which is now less than one week away! How perfect are those booties and that bag? Need. Can you tell I've been loving burgundy and emerald (see post HERE!)? Have a fabulous Thursday!


"What's Changed Is You"

I'm currently reading Catcher In The Rye and there was a quote exactly like this when Holden goes to the Museum of National History in Chapter 16. The whole book (or at least as far as I've read) has been about Holden's struggle to grow up and lose his innocence. His younger brother, Allie, died before he ever got the chance to lose his innocence and Holden keeps reminiscing on his memories with Allie. When Holden describes the Museum of National History he says, "The best thing, though, in that museum was that everything always stayed right where it was. Nobody'd be different. The only thing that would be different would be you."

It's been a rough year for me. That's actually an extreme understatement. It seems that everything has been one thing after another with my friend group and my family. Sometimes, it's hard to see the positive things and it's so easy to reminisce on the days when everything was ok; you kind of wish everything was the way it used to be... but for some reason you realize it just could never happen. 
Why? Because you've changed; you're different. 
Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Sometimes it's hard to realize that you have to give up on the past and just work through the present one step at a time... But eventually it will all be worth it. It's hard to move on and accept that you've changed, but it is doable!




As Thanksgiving quickly approaches I thought it would only be appropriate to incorporate a little Fall color into an outfit post. I recently bought this sweater and I am obsessed. Did I ever mention how much I love the whole sparkle cluster trend? When I saw this sweater I knew I had to have it.. it's funny because burgundy is one of the polo color options for my school uniform and I never even considered trying it out... 

New Room

I'm completely starting over with my room and I'm officially beginning tomorrow by painting my walls Benjamin Moore's Ocean Air. I am completely lost when looking for a bed and desk, so the only piece of furniture I currently have is a chic upholstered bench that I snagged from TJ Maxx today.

I know I want to go with a classic yet chic vibe, so that's why I chose such a versatile toned-down color. I'm looking forward to experimenting with interiors more than usual, so here are a few of my picks for my new room:

tray // accent table // sheets // paint // candle // rug

I'm so excited to begin decorating and truly make my room a place that expresses my style and things I love. Please do leave me suggestions for a bed, desk, maybe even a desk chair and lamp too! I know I want my bed to have a wire frame rather than a big headboard (I've even considered a daybed) and I'm totally stuck between lacquer and lucite desks... Help!


Review: The Ropes Maine

Shana from The Ropes Maine was kind enough to send me a few bracelets to review… how cute is this one I styled? I'm obsessed! The bracelets are super unique and colorful; I can't get enough of mine!

Henri Bendel Holiday

Have you seen the Henri Bendel holiday catalogue? The bangles are to die for! A few of my favorites...

Henri Bendel

I would love to add them all to my collection...


In case you were wondering, I'm a part of a clique and we have a hashtag and a logo... are you jealous?
 (logo courtesy of our graphic designer chloe!)

Chloe, Sloane, Gracey, Caroline and I are all blogger besties. The amount of texts I can receive in 5 minutes without checking my phone can easily hit 100 if I'm not careful... They're all so perfect and fabulous and thye make me so happy to have joined the blog community- I don't know what I would do without them! I encourage you all to reach out to bloggers your age or in your area and get to know them. There are fabulous people in the blog world, and I wouldn't know some of them without my blog! Thank you all for making me love every minute of blogging!

 From left to right:

Do you have any fabulous blogging friends?

5 of My Favorite Hairstyles

{Shoutout to Chloe for telling me I have great hair and inspiring this post #dwc}

I really like my hair, like I'm not even going to lie. I didn't name my blog after my hair color for no reason, I really do like my hair. Unfortunately, I'm pretty uncreative and I wear my hair in a routine of basic styles.. Here are my favorites:

One braid // A simple as it sounds, a braid can be so chic. I, being the unskilled person that I am, can't french braid for my life, so I love that a regular braid can be pulled off just as well. Tousle your hair a little and you're good to go! So easy...

Tousled Ponytail // TBH this is like my favorite hairstyle everrrr... I'm pretty much obsessed. My trick for achieving this hair style is to put myhair in a low ponytail and then tighten it the way kids do in second grade (aka pull both of the sides so it's yanked up) and then tada! Sometimes I get a funky giant loop in the middle of my head but it usually works out if I keep pulling and teasing...

Topknot // I don't wear my hair in topknots too often out in public, but they're super easy and just kind of fun to do! I loved wearing them in the summer to get my hair off my neck.. they're just fun!!

Half up- half down //  You probably all think I'm lazy because my hairstyles are mostly all two step processes. In this case, step 1. pick your front pieces and step 2. put them in a little ponytail. Haha this one is probably my most often worn style.

Just down // I don't usually do this because I have a weird sort of cowlick in the front of my hair so it always falls in my face, but sometimes I love being simple and doing nothing with myself!

How do you wear your hair?

PS- In case you are wondering, I don't do anything to my hair to get it like how it looks in the last picture (or any of the pictures in fact!). That is how it is naturally after it air dries from a shower! I don't even brush it... is that weird?


I want a fur. Like, I really just want a fur vest or scarf or snood or maybe even a jacket if I just went crazy. I tried on {this} Ugg sheepskin vest but I wasn't really down for paying $1,000 although the comfort was almost unreal... Here are a few of my favorites:

la fiorentina ($200) // steve madden ($50)
topshop ($130) // jack ($70)

Do you have a fur?? If so, where is it from or where do you suggest I find one?


I did a little shopping this weekend and found myself trying on a whole bunch of BCBGeneration and BCBGMazazria clothes... although I didn't purchase any of them, the fall collections are really cute!!

I tried on this sweater, but unfortunately it was a little too small and they didn't have the next size up. It was a huge bummer because this is such a good price for something so versatile!

I saw this as I was walking out of the store yesterday, but I love it and might just have to back for it! I'm in love with those elbow patches!

I loved this top. I tried it on and it was so comfortable, but honestly it made me look a little fat because it's kind of tight but very stretchy!

Have you made any BCBG purchases recently?

Rebecca Minkoff MAB Mini Tote

I knew I wanted a nude/tan leather cross body bag for Christmas, and I've been searching high and low for the perfect option. I finally found one that just knocks my socks off.... It's literally perfect! Introducing... the Rebecca Minkoff MAB Mini Tote!

This is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen... It's a regular tote but it's mini!!! So precious... I'm a little worried though that "bittersweet" could be more orange than tan, but if so, there's always that navy option #navyornothing ;)

Seriously, I'm obsessed!! It's just about the cutttesst thing everrr!