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5 of My Favorite Hairstyles

{Shoutout to Chloe for telling me I have great hair and inspiring this post #dwc}

I really like my hair, like I'm not even going to lie. I didn't name my blog after my hair color for no reason, I really do like my hair. Unfortunately, I'm pretty uncreative and I wear my hair in a routine of basic styles.. Here are my favorites:

One braid // A simple as it sounds, a braid can be so chic. I, being the unskilled person that I am, can't french braid for my life, so I love that a regular braid can be pulled off just as well. Tousle your hair a little and you're good to go! So easy...

Tousled Ponytail // TBH this is like my favorite hairstyle everrrr... I'm pretty much obsessed. My trick for achieving this hair style is to put myhair in a low ponytail and then tighten it the way kids do in second grade (aka pull both of the sides so it's yanked up) and then tada! Sometimes I get a funky giant loop in the middle of my head but it usually works out if I keep pulling and teasing...

Topknot // I don't wear my hair in topknots too often out in public, but they're super easy and just kind of fun to do! I loved wearing them in the summer to get my hair off my neck.. they're just fun!!

Half up- half down //  You probably all think I'm lazy because my hairstyles are mostly all two step processes. In this case, step 1. pick your front pieces and step 2. put them in a little ponytail. Haha this one is probably my most often worn style.

Just down // I don't usually do this because I have a weird sort of cowlick in the front of my hair so it always falls in my face, but sometimes I love being simple and doing nothing with myself!

How do you wear your hair?

PS- In case you are wondering, I don't do anything to my hair to get it like how it looks in the last picture (or any of the pictures in fact!). That is how it is naturally after it air dries from a shower! I don't even brush it... is that weird?


  1. ugh i'm so jealous of your perfectly waved locks! I think my favorite of these hairstyles (although it was hard to choose) is the half up half down look adorned with a ribbon - too cute!

  2. I love the simplicity of this post! I'm the same with my hair - I love it but sometimes I'm just too lazy to style it! Lately I've been doing braids a lot, but a sassy high pony is my all time fav ;) Great post!


  3. Oh my gosh, I'm so jealous of how amazing your hair is! I wish I could get my hair to look that good in a messy ponytail!

    xo Amy

  4. lucky you how yur hair just dries gorgeously like that :) you and I are pretty much the same. I do all five 99% of the time with exception of the bow. I am too lazy for that haha. love ur blog by the way

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