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3 Ways To Make It Feel Like Fall

The season to wear white is officially over and in order to get out of our transition time funk, I wanted to share 3 ways to make it feel officially like fall! Although the weather hasn't changed too much, I can sense the new season right around the corner and I am so excited about it! Who doesn't love fall!?

1: Have a drink // The fall drinks are back at Starbucks and I can't wait to order a pumpkin spice latte! They really do make it feel like fall... I recommend them!

2: Pack the brights // Sadly, it's time to put away the Lilly until next year and start opting for neutrals. But hey, change is good!

3: Try a new scent // Fall is practically defined by it's smell. Try a pumpkin or fall leaves scented air freshener or room spray to get you in the spirit! My math teacher's room smells like pumpkin and leaves sort of and every time i go into her room I'm immediately put into a good mood! Not to mention, math is my favorite!

How do you welcome fall?

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  1. I haven't gotten a pumpkin spice latte yet...I will have to do it soon!!


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