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Field Hockey

As I mentioned yesterday, I have field hockey tryouts starting today. In spite of that, I thought it would be fun to talk a little about the sport! First of all, it's obviously the best sport ever considering our very own royal Princess Kate plays it as well ;)

Field hockey is referred to as lacrosse on the ground or soccer with a stick, or simply just hockey on a field. It's a pretty simple game I would say, but there are a ton of different techniques and skills required to be a good player.

Each player has a stick which looks kind of like a giant candy cane shape, and the balls are really, really hard. Some of the techniques you have to know are how to hit, push, and pull the ball, and how to stay low and where to put your hands on the stick to get the best advantage. 

I absolutely love field hockey and please do wish me luck this week at tryouts!

Do you play?


  1. I've never played field hockey but I wish you all the luck! You'll do fabulous!



  2. Best of luck at try outs! I always loved playing field hockey.


  3. I've always wanted to play field hockey but my school doesn't offer it and it isn't very big where I live. I play lacrosse though and I love it! Good luck with your try outs!


  4. field hockey is HUGE at the school i used to go to! of course, being me, i was one of like three girls that played golf during the fall...hehe
    it looks like such a fun sport though!!!
    good luck at tryouts, but we already know you're a shoo in ;)

  5. I played field hockey during my middle school years, such a fun sport. Best of luck during tryouts!



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