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Au Revoir

Unfortunately, it is just that time of year again. Time to tip my hat off to summer and say farewell until next year! This is my last week of summer and with field hockey tryouts all week, I will surely be soaking up my last few days in the sun before ringing in the new school year.

This summer felt very short due to low temperatures and just a plain old shorter summer, but I couldn't have appreciated more these few months of relaxation!

When do you go back to school?


  1. I go back next week! But I'm definitely trying to make my last few days last!


  2. I move in to my dorm on the 20th! I think your freshman year of college is the only one you're truly excited to go back to school for.


  3. I don't start school until mid-September so I have about another month yet, although I'm beyond ready to get back to school and see all my friends. Hope you have a great year!

    - Ellyse


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