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Fourth of July Outfit Ideas

Hey everyone! Every year I get so excited to head down to the parade and watch it with all of my friends. This year I actually won't be seeing the parade in Wisconsin because I am leaving Boston tomorrow and I won't get home until 5 o'clock. But... I will still be able to watch the fireworks which is always exciting as well!

I put together two Fourth of July outfits that I think are too cute. Unfortunately, I have no idea what I will actually be wearing...

Fourth Of July

I think this first outfit would be so cute if you were heading to your lake house or something and were planning on swimming all day. I'm in love with that seersucker suit!

Fourth Of July

I think this second outfit is just fabulous for watching a parade or even going to a party or barbecue at night. I absolutely love that top and those wedges and the whole red, white, and blue really works in this outfit!

What will you be wearing?


  1. Super cute Frannie! Love the looks! Sorry you won't be able to see your parade, but I hope you had fun on your trip!

    xoxo, Katelyn

  2. i wish i could reach through the screen and take both of these outfits! they are so stinkin' cute!!!

  3. Love the first outfit!



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