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Forever 21... Preppy?

I was on Forever 21's website for God knows why and I just happened to spot a few adorable preppy dresses.... Take a look for yourself!

Aren't they fabulous? And to make them even more wonderful, they are each only $23! What a steal!

What do you think of Forever 21?


  1. I'm really not a fan but I will admit to seeing a blogger rave about a certain piece and going to buy it.. It's a bit of a hassle finding anything but there is definitely a rare hidden gem.


  2. I like how Forever 21 is incorporating more classic styles in their store... however, for basic preppy pieces I'd rather stick to quality that would last. I've purchased some fun items there that I'd only wear once in a while for a season or two though.
    Charlee Anne @ The Preppy Graduate


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