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2023 Gift Guide: My Favorite Things

Fran Acciardo 2023 Gift Guide: My Favorite Things

My friend group is having a "favorite things" gift exchange on Sunday! I am so excited, and I thought it would be fun to share some of my own favorite things. Essentially, our friend group is all getting together and we are each bringing one of our very favorite things to exchange. Although we have a reasonable price range, I rounded up my favorite things at all price points in case you need some additional gifting inspiration.

Shop my favorite things:

1. Lake Pajamas Long/Short Weekend Set // The softest, comfiest pajama sets! I also love Printfresh printed pjs, but the Lake weekend sets are my everyday go-to! If I had to describe it, I'd say Printfresh pj's are my "specialty" pajamas, like for travel and holidays, but Lake pj's are my everyday pajamas!

2. Hart Jewelry Custom Charm Necklace // Hart so generously gifted me a custom charm necklace last year, and I wear mine all of the time! I also just added a new charm to it. You can customize these necklaces (or bracelets) with as many of their beautiful charms as you'd like.

3. Kassatex Scalloped Towels // My bestie Katie gifted me these for my birthday last year and they are the best towels ever. They are SO plush and soft and come in the prettiest color combos. You can also embroider them with anything you'd like - mine say "narcissist" and "the drama" LOL.

4. AirPods // Pretty self-explanatory, haha. 

5. Summer Fridays Lip Gloss // I've been raving about these lip glosses so much lately. They're just so shiny and add the perfect amount of subtle color! I especially love the vanilla beige for every day, and Cherry for nighttime or whenever I want more color.

6. Kindle // I've said this so many times but I am continuously blown away by how much I love my Kindle. Especially as someone who travels often, being able to just throw my skinny little Kindle in my bag, and not having to turn on the overhead light on the plane, its a huge win.

7. La Tulipe Body Lotion // This body lotion is divine - the best scent and feels so luxurious.

8. AWAY Suitcase // I rave about my suitcase all the time - it's huge for a carry-on and so well-organized. Total game changer!

9. Lake Cozy Robe // I've raved about this robe so much but it's truly worth the hype! It's the coziest after a shower on a cold day!

10. Sunglasses // I received these sunglasses as a Christmas gift a few years ago and they've pretty much changed my life - I'm obsessed with them.

11. Diamond Studs // I wear these almost every single day! 

12. Aerin Rose de Grasse Perfume // I was at the Aerin store this summer when I fell in love with this scent, and my aunt surprised me with it for my birthday! It's my favorite scent for special occasions.

13. T3 AireBrush Blow Drier // My holy grail hair tool. I have a blowout tutorial here!



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