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This Week's Top 10

Fran Acciardo This Week's Top 10 Nantucket Girls
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Happy Friday! It's been so long since I've done This Week's Top 10 but there are so many things I've been loving lately that I have to bring it back.

1. I've recently finished Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, and Happy Place. I liked both a lot, but both were pretty sad! Up next, I'm starting The Soulmate Equation from Grace Atwood's 15 Favorite Romance Books list! I've already read most of them and loved them, so I feel like I'd love the rest of the reads on the list as well.

2. I bought this NUXE Moisturizer in Italy when I was running low, and I've already gone through the entire tube - I love it! It's about half the price in Europe, so if you're not heading there this summer, you could skip it (although it does smell great!). I also recently tried a few samples of the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask and loved that as well - great gel consistency, perfect for summer. I'm planning to purchase it this weekend at Sephora when I'm in Dallas and inevitably in need of a moisturizer restock. Would highly recommend either of these if you're looking for a new moisturizer!

3. Speaking of skincare and beauty, Merit recently sent over their concealer and bronzer stick for me to try! I've been a longtime fan of their Brow Pomade, and I really, really love these two products now as well. The concealer is kind of a foundation/concealer in one so it's all I really need personally for a base, and then I love how the bronzer just melts into my skin. I went with the shade "ochre" in "the minimalist" (product name for the concealer) and "clay" in the bronze balm.

4. I've also continued to use these glow drops from Versed as my summer base layer - I started doing this last summer and truly nothing gives me a better glow + even skin tone so easily! It's like the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter but under $20! You have to try this product if you haven't yet.

See my summer beauty routine on Tik Tok here!

5. Speaking of Tik Tok, I've been good about my Nantucket Tok's! I'm sharing how we spent our days on the island and also going to post a haul of everything I purchased. Follow along!

6. If you're looking for even more Nantucket deets until my recap blog post goes up, I'm linking as much as I can to my LTK and have the answers to my Instagram Q&A saved to a highlight! This striped sweater, these shell earrings, this scalloped-edge tank, this pink/orange sweater (now 60% off!), and these white jeans (size down twice!) were all staples on the trip.

7. Another piece I loved on this trip: this hat from Sissy Light! The brand was so kind and rushed it to me before my trip, and I was surprised at how many compliments I received + how much I wore it! They have soo many fabulous hats and you can use code FRAN15 if you make a purchase!

8. These continue to be my best sandal purchase from last year - beyond comfortable, I wore them all around Italy and Nantucket, and I wear them daily here in NYC as well. 

9. I started wearing these perfumes in December and love all five of them so much. I love that they're all similar but slightly different so I can choose my scent of the day based on my mood + they're easy to travel with! Would make for a great gift as well - under $100 is an amazing deal for this!

10. Just want to round out this post by saying a big thank you to all of you for following along, and for supporting the brands that support me! I've been so lucky to work with amazing brands lately that I've been a true fan of for years, and the excitement never loses its sparkle or goes unappreciated! I'm so lucky to have this platform and all of you, so thank you! Hope your summer has been off to the best start.

xoxo, fran!

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