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Q1 Favorites

Q1 Favorites - Fran Acciardo

Every month I think about sitting down to do a favorites post, and then I inevitably get lazy and don't end up sharing. So, today, I am going to share my favorites across Q1, aka January, February, and March, and try to make it worth your while!


I thought this would be a fun new category to start with! Highlights from Q1 included:

- heading up to Vermont for a ski weekend in January with some NYC friends. It felt really special not only because it was my first ski weekend in a couple years, but also, as an adult, sometimes new friends don't quickly feel like "real" friends, and this weekend away really made my new friends feel like real friends :) 

- visiting Telluride, CO in February with my friend Katie and her parents! this was my first time in Colorado and we had a lovely, relaxing week in the snow at her family's house. We did so many fabulous activities, like skiing, snowshoeing, riding the gondola up and down from the mountain village to the town, and we even had a spa day!

- my mom came to visit me in NYC in March, and it was such a lovely weekend. my mom had only visited me once before, around Christmastime two years ago, so it felt like her first "true" visit where I got to truly show her around and share some of my favorite spots. We had a great time. 

- went down to Palm Beach for a mini spring break with my family! I got to spend some quality time with one of my aunts & one of my cousins + see my dad who recently moved to the Palm Beach area, and it was just a truly fabulous five days. No other word can describe the pink and green pure luxury that is a trip to The Colony hotel, where we stayed.

- the Lake Pajamas X Atlantic Pacific launch party where I got to see and meet some of the bloggers I've followed forever

- visiting Joe in January and February, and him visiting me in March; every moment we get together is a treat! 

and so many smaller moments in between! I'd say Q1 would be hard to beat, but some of what might just be the highlights of my life are coming in Q2, so I'm not too worried ;) (Paris, Taylor Swift concert, Italy, Nantucket... how did I get so lucky?) Feeling so, so grateful for such a happy life lately, and so many friends and family to love. 

Let's get into the favorites!

My recent outfits are linked on my LTK page here! Some favorite pieces include...

these jeans (the perfect fit! wash! length! everything!)
this $40 button-down that popped off on tik tok

I swapped out my Hoka's for a new pair of Asics and I've been loving them!

I've read 7 books so far this year, and hands down my favorite has been Meant To Be by Emily Giffin! I'm trying to get everyone to read it. It's loosely based on JFK Jr and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and it's just perfection.

I also really enjoyed Lessons In Chemistry and Dark Matter.

You can follow or check out my Goodreads here if you're interested in my book recs!

My favorite cleanser continues to be the Soy Face Cleanser from Fresh, which I have been using since high school! 

My favorite moisturizer as of late has been this one, which I originally purchased simply when I was traveling and forgot to pack moisturizer, but I love it so much! The consistency is amazing. It's actually a dupe for this Drunk Elephant product, but is 1/3 the price and even has more peptides!

Also, this SPF moisturizer is a dream. Applies so easily and feels amazing. I've mentioned before that I love a pump, so this has that going for it, too. It's just so lightweight yet makes a big impact in protecting your skin. Love it.

I also live for this facial mist. I must spray it on my face like six times a day. Obsessed.

This lip glaze has remained my favorite lip product since September, which might be a record for me. It's simply the best. Also a product I've been trying to influence all of my friends to buy and have been successful a few times. It's the perfect amount of color, gloss, and hydration, and under $20! 

This body wash!!! Smells like a spa (I have the eucalyptus).

I can't even begin to explain how fabulous this CBD-infused tinted moisturizer is. It was gifted to me, and immediately once I tried it I loved it. It has a light coverage, but since CBD calms redness and other skin concerns, it really evens out your skin tone almost instantly, removing any need for a heavier coverage product. I wore this on its own occasionally, if I just wanted my face to look glowy and fresh, and I also wore it as my base layer for makeup until I ran out. Will be ordering more!!

Before I tried the Diorshow serum + mascara combo, I could not get my eyelashes to stay curled for the life of me. I received this for Christmas and I absolutely love this combo- life-changing for girls with straight eyelashes!!

I continue to love my T3 Micro Airebrush for my at-home blowouts!!! Here is my tik tok tutorial

This jewelry box made such a difference in my organization and the look of the top of my dresser! It's under $10 and fits quite a bit.

These scalloped towels continue to spark joy every time I use them.

So I used to make one playlist a month, and it was just a random amalgamation of what I was listening to and discovering at the time. I love looking back on my monthly playlists from college because I can almost put my brain exactly back into the state it was in at that time when I listen to them! But now, I am in a phase where I'm cultivating playlists more based on moods and vibes than simply time periods of discovering the songs.

A few of my current playlists in rotation:
at home - just good vibes! pretty chill. I listen to this in the mornings or whenever I'm just lounging on my couch at home

tulips & dirt roads - this is actually pretty similar in terms of the vibes, just more country songs haha

acciardo awards - this is my favorite while cooking! at book club last week my friend who was hosting actually had this on in the background and I was so honored. originally, I made this playlist for a family party in Rhode Island a few summers ago; she's versatile.

fresh blowout energy - this is my "getting ready" playlist; I love listening to this and having a glass of wine while I get ready for dinner or going out

sentimental spring - this is kind of the playlist of the month but it's also a vibe, lol

I think the only show I watched over the past few months was Daisy Jones & The Six. I loved it! If you haven't watched it yet, I'd totally recommend it! I feel like it's getting mixed reviews, but I thought it was great (I am pretty easy to please, though). I read the book a couple years ago and loved it (I think I gave it five stars). With any adaption, I always think it's best to not only read the book first (duh) but to read it significantly before watching the show or movie. Like, you can't finish a book and start the show the next night and think you're going to enjoy the show; I feel like your brain needs to forget about the way you imagined the book in your head in order to appreciate the show on the screen.

You guys know I love ClassPassHere's my link for your first 20 credits free! I am still loving Bodyrok, and I've also been mixing in Solidcore classes, along with other pilates studios when they're a good deal, and the occasional running class. 

Gertie - Joe and I tried Gertie in Brooklyn and loved it. If you're a smoked fish fan like us, you've got to go!

The Nines - This cocktail bar is all over Tik Tok and worth the hype. It's absolutely gorgeous, the vibes are perfection, and the drinks are great (although, of course, expensive)

7th St Burger - One of the best burgers ever!!! It's like $5 or something crazy like that and so, so good.

Antidote - Tried this Williamsburg spot when my mom was in town and want to go back! We ordered a lot of things, but our favorites were the spicy pork soup dumplings, the green beans, the eggplant, and the fried rice with seared duck. The vibes were perfect; it was dark and vibey but it wasn't packed, which I appreciated, because it's rare you get great food + a good amount of personal space on a Friday night in Manhattan.

Tin Building - Also when my mom was visiting, we tried the Tin Building by Jean Georges for brunch, which is an elevated market/food hall in Seaport. It's like a chic, relaxed version of an Eataly, and French instead of Italian. I can't even begin to describe how fabulous it is! We walked around and ultimately decided on T. Brasserie, one of the restaurants on the first floor, for brunch. The decor was impeccable, and the classic French fare was so well done! I loved my Croque Madame.

What were you loving in Q1?

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