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2022 Recap & Highlights

Fran Acciardo. 2022 Recap & Highlights

I'm looking forward to recapping my highlights from 2022 and some thoughts on the year! I do a post like this every single year, and I feel like it's a really great exercise for me mentally. It always reminds me how much I have to be grateful for, and where I want to make changes in my life going forward!

Overall, 2022 was a really, really great year. From a handful of big moments (like four weddings and a couple international trips) to the everyday moments (like making new friends, reading great books, and feeling more settled in NYC), there was so much throughout the year to be grateful for. I feel like it was one of the first years of my life that I really felt like my life was completely up to me; I moved to NYC in 2021, and it was just a big adjustment time. I also was still getting used to working and post-grad life. This past year, however, was much more settling. I made handfuls of friends, strengthened new & old friendships, said no to things I didn't feel like doing anymore (basically, I went out less and stayed in more which turns out is way more my speed), and felt just really happy and content with where I'm at in my life. I read a lot of great books, traveled out of the country to places I'd never been before, and felt very secure and happy in my relationship... just a lot of positive things! As much as 2022 was a great year, of course, there were also challenges, But for the most part, I'll remember it very fondly.

I'm looking forward to even more fun in 2023. So far I have a couple of trips lined up and milestones to look forward to, like my 25th birthday, my 2-year anniversary of living in NYC, my 3-year anniversary with Joe, and more. Before I get ahead of myself, though, let's recap 2022! 


The highlight of the year was a tie between Turkey in August and my aunt's wedding in St. Barths in January!!!

Fran Acciardo. 2022 Recap & Highlights


Joe came to NYC for Valentine's Day

I spent a couple weeks in Dallas with my dad

Hit 10K followers on Instagram!

Fran Acciardo. 2022 Recap & Highlights


Celebrated two years with Joe! Can't believe it's almost three years now!

Also celebrated St. Patrick's day in Chicago with my besties but honestly, that weekend was kind of a disaster. 

Hung the naked barbies photo in my apartment!!!

Fran Acciardo. 2022 Recap & Highlights


Had one of the best weekends of the year in Chicago with my besties. We stayed at my friend Celia's parent's apartment in downtown Chicago to celebrate our best friend Elizabeth's birthday and it was the first time we'd all been reunited together since college graduation in 2020! The four of us were roommates in college for 2 years and we are so, so close. It was just so much fun.

Fran Acciardo. 2022 Recap & Highlights


Celebrated Mother's Day in Raleigh with my mom and brother, followed by celebrating one of Joe's best friend's weddings in St Louis.

Coco and Elizabeth came to visit me in NYC!

Fran Acciardo. 2022 Recap & Highlights


Annual trip to Martha's Vineyard with my aunt!

Visited Joe for the first time in Dallas - he moved this month! We went to Carbone with my Dad, who actually moved out of Dallas (very inconvenient, lol) in August.

Fran Acciardo. 2022 Recap & Highlights


Celebrated the Fourth of July with my friends in Dallas, and Joe's birthday the following week also in Dallas!

Fran Acciardo. 2022 Recap & Highlights


Hosted a mini influencer event at the French Cheese Board! Got to invite 10 of my friends and it was soooo special.

Traveled to Turkey for my 24th birthday!!

Fran Acciardo. 2022 Recap & Highlights


Celebrated one of my high school best friend's weddings back in Milwaukee! My dad and brother came too, and then I got to see all of my best friends later that weekend for Labor Day too!

Saw Mt. Joy in concert! 

Attended a few fashion week influencer events

Celebrated my cousin's wedding in Kansas City

Saw the New York City Ballet!

Fran Acciardo. 2022 Recap & Highlights


One of my besties from high school, Caroline, brought me as her plus one to the Knot Gala in the city and it was so chic and fabulous. It was a black-tie affair and such a fun night. 

Visited my besties in Chicago and saw Dope Lemon in concert (love him)

Did a really fun photoshoot with some of my very talented NYC friends Taylor & Ryan for our friend Sarah's brand, Lynen. It was shot partially in my apartment and I was so honored they wanted to use my space, as well as have me model in the photos!

Spent Halloween at my aunt's on Long Island with my friend Katie and it was a perfect autumnal escape

Fran Acciardo. 2022 Recap & Highlights


Spent Thanksgiving with my mom and brother in North Carolina. It was a lovely weekend at the beach and I had a really, really great time with my mom. But unfortunately, my grandma passed away the day after Thanksgiving. We traveled to Missouri the following week for her funeral. It was nice to say goodbye, celebrate her life, and see my family.

Fran Acciardo. 2022 Recap & Highlights


Saw Chicago and Funny Girl on Broadway

Finally was reunited with my friend Sammy who I hadn't seen in years!!!

Fran Acciardo. 2022 Recap & Highlights

Here's to so much more in 2023! What was your highlight of the past year?


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