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This Week's Top 10: a whirlwind week in the micro-influencer world

This Week's Top 10: a whirlwind week in the micro-influencer world
image via Pinterest - love this outfit!

1. Hellooo! What a week it's been! This week was quite a fun one because one of my favorite internet friends, Emily, was in NYC and we got to spend a fabulous 48 hours together. We had two events to attend on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then last night I also was lucky enough to be treated to dinner at Quality Bistro. Go check out the content if you missed it!

Earlier this afternoon I had a fun photoshoot for an upcoming campaign, and overall it's just been a whirlwind week in the micro-influencer world, lol!

2. I purchased this Ganni Top this week and I'm so glad I did - it is soo fab and going to be a new elevated basic in my wardrobe. See how I styled it on Tuesday here!

3. My favorite makeup product of the week is the Armani Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancer in shade 8; I apply my blush (this one in shade chilly - love this stuff) and then add the fluid sheer overtop to enhance the color and act as a highlighter. It's so magical, it makes me glow and makes my blush even prettier and more seamless with the rest of my face.

4. Another fave is the lip combo I did this morning: I used the Nars lip liner in bad girl + one of my all-time favorite lip products, the Charlotte Tilbury hyaluronic happikiss in pillow talk. It's the perfect combo for a neutral fall lip!

5. Of course, I still love and swear by my T3 Airebrush for my bouncy, curly, at-home blowout!

6. I am loving the Sezane fall collection! This sweater + this jacket are at the top of my wishlist. I picked out these boots recently and love them as well (wore them here!)

7. Speaking of boots, I can't stop thinking about these boots, I think I need to get them.

8. This under $100 pink shoulder bag is so cute.

9. It's finally starting to feel like fall here in NYC; my go-to coffee order right now is either a cold brew with pumpkin cream cold foam (and no sweetener) at Starbucks or a cold brew with a splash of oat milk and one pump of pumpkin if I'm at Dunkin. I try to limit myself to just 1-2 coffees out a week, so at home, I've been sticking to my cold brew maker with a splash of Trader Joe's brown sugar oat milk creamer!

10. I am very excited to have a semi-relaxing weekend to myself, haha. After Turkey, I went straight to Wisconsin for Labor Day weekend, and then last weekend Joe was in town, so I haven't had a solo weekend in a whole month! I am spending the day tomorrow with my aunt and cousin who are coming to the city, but other than that I am looking forward to hopefully starting a new book and potentially cleaning out my closet!

Hope you all have a lovely & safe weekend.


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