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This Week's Top 10

fran acciardo This Week's Top 10 ski lodge winter new year

1. We've made it through the first week of the New Year! This week I've been in Madison at Joe's, and I head back to NYC on Sunday night. It's *so* cold here in Wisconsin (it's -6° today!!!) that the 30-degree temps in NYC sound like heaven. I miss my daily walks!

2. In two weeks I'm heading to St. Barths for my aunt's wedding and couldn't be more excited. When I get back to the city I plan to pretty much quarantine up until I leave just so I don't risk anything; in order to get onto the island you have to present a negative covid test, and it's really just not something I want to take any chances with. 

3. Speaking of- I did get my booster shot on Wednesday and I have to admit that yesterday was pretty rough. I went to a hard workout class on Wednesday night about an hour after my shot, which is supposed to help, but all day yesterday I had major body aches, a headache, and on-and-off chills. Fortunately, I was able to work from bed, and this morning I woke up totally fine again, so it's all good! If you haven't received your booster shot yet, I made my appointment through Walgreens.

4. Switching topics - I shared all of the books I read in 2021 in a blog post this week, as well as your top books of 2021 that I saved to my "books" IG highlight!

(also shared my 2021 highlights in a blog post here!)

5. If you haven't yet downloaded the January Moodboard, you can find it here!

6. The Target x Who What Wear collection has so many cute pieces! I especially love this blue cardigan (looks like Love Shack Fancy!) and this striped sweater with an adorable sleeve detail.

7. These poodle salt & pepper shakers were a Christmas gift from my mom and I just think they're the cutest things ever!

8.  This under $40 feather trim robe is amazing. I honestly want to order it and bring it to St. Barths to wear while I'm getting ready everyday!

9. I have been *so* happy with my ClassPass plan lately. I am officially obsessed with Bodyrok Pilates classes when I'm in NYC, and I love that I can also go back to Kamps when I'm in Madison. If you want to try ClassPass, you can sign up here!

10. Hope you've all had a happy and healthy start to your new year!


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