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Recap: The Best NYC Girls' Weekend

Recap: The Best NYC Girls' Weekend - fran acciardo washington square park christmas tree

Happy happy Christmas week!! I haven’t written a blog post in a couple of weeks because I have been up to so many things, but before we get into full Christmas / New Year’s mode, I wanted to recap a few of those fun things with all of you!

Two weekends ago two of my best friends/college roommates, Elizabeth and Coco, visited me for a long weekend. We had the *best* girls weekend and I wanted to share all of the fun things we did and places we went.

Last weekend my boyfriend Joe visited me, so that recap will be coming in my next post, ASAP! Joe and I had a very festive, lovely weekend and I can’t wait to share that recap with you as well.

Recap: The Best NYC Girls' Weekend - fran acciardo acme


But first- let’s get into the girl's weekend! It was so much fun. Elizabeth and Coco flew in on Friday evening and we all hung out and got ready at my apartment for my high school best friend Caroline’s birthday party that night. Caro and one of her college friends rented out a bar so all of us could celebrate them there, which was so much fun. So basically on Friday, we just went out in/around the West Village, and got our weekend started!


Saturday we did.. a lot. I’ll write this in chronological order so it makes the most sense!

Recap: The Best NYC Girls' Weekend - fran acciardo acme

We slept in a little because we’d gone out, so we walked around my neighborhood in search of brunch and ended up at The Dutch. It was great! We were able to sit down without a wait and the food was delicious. We had green juices and I, of course, had the double cheeseburger. Lol. It was great but I have yet to try a burger in the city that surpasses my current top ranker: the burger at The Spaniard.

Anyway! After brunch, we went to the West Village for coffee and shopping on Bleecker. Something Navy was having an amazing sale, so I got this blazer for a really great deal and ended up wearing it Saturday night!

We got coffees at Cafe Kitsune. I had a peppermint mocha which was delish, but Ej and Coco got regular lattes and they were… not great. Just keep that in mind ;)

We shopped around the West Village before heading uptown to Saks for a little more shopping and to show the girls the Rockefeller tree.

Recap: The Best NYC Girls' Weekend - fran acciardo acme

Eventually, we came back to my apartment and got ready for dinner. We had a reservation at Rintintin and sat outside, which was great people-watching. The cocktails were good, but the food was *very* ehh.

Recap: The Best NYC Girls' Weekend - fran acciardo acme

After dinner, we went to ACME, but they weren’t open yet for the night, so we crossed the street and had amazing espresso martinis at Lafayette while we waited. Eventually, we popped back over to ACME, waited in line for a little bit, and then had the best night of our lives.


Recap: The Best NYC Girls' Weekend - fran acciardo acme soho fashion street style outfits

On Sunday the girls got coffee from Aime Leon Dore, but I was starving, so I got an extremely overpriced bagel from Sadelle’s. We popped into a sample sale and shopped around Soho, got froyo at Bloomingdales, and mostly just bopped around.

Recap: The Best NYC Girls' Weekend - fran acciardo acme christmas american bar

Sunday night we had dinner at American Bar and sat at the best table in the whole restaurant- I swear it could not have been cuter!

After dinner, on our walk home, we made tik toks in Washington Square Park of course.


I had to work a bit on Monday so Coco and Ej explored without me, but we got lunch at 12 chairs and Laduree macarons before they left.


Overall it was just SO much fun. I loved every minute of the weekend and want them to come back all the time now!!!


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