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Why I'm Obsessed with Revive Superfood Smoothies

If you watch my Instagram stories, you've seen that this week I have been starting most mornings with a Revive Superfoods smoothie. In full transparency, Revive sent me a box of their products to try, but writing a blog post wasn't part of the deal. However, I'm here anyway because I am *obsessed* and I really think you all need to at least allow me a minute to explain to you why I think this is an amazing concept that can benefit your life, too. 

Ok, first of all, the smoothies are delicious. I mean, that's obviously the first basic criteria here, but we're just getting started. The assortment of flavors means I'm not having the exact same smoothie every day (unless I wanted to, in that case, I would just order multiple of my fave flavor), so that's fun. But, the cherry on top for me (pun intended) is that each smoothie is under 200ish calories while having a source of vegan protein, so they keep me way more full than the smoothies I would otherwise be making myself.

I love how simple it is to just pull a pre-prepped smoothie out of my freezer and throw it in the blender without having to grab a ton of ingredients or feel like I can't make a smoothie in the first place because I'm missing *one* thing. All I have to do is grab whatever flavor I'm in the mood for, add liquid, and throw it in the blender. I usually just add water because I'm lazy, but if I hadn't run out of all of my almond, oat, and coconut milk recently, I could opt for that! The ingredients are completely clean and transparent, which is important to me when I think about how I want to start my day off on the right foot. 

blue cacao flavor pictured here-- super clean superfood ingredients, and that's it!

Finally, to seal the deal, if you use my discount code (rsf55franacciardo), you can get 55% off your first box, which means your smoothies come down to like $2.67 ish per smoothie! I only have a few left from the box they sent over so I know personally I'll be using my own code and ordering more smoothies next week.

Just honestly wanted to share because my mind has been blown and I think this is a great deal! I personally am the worst grocery shopper, and honestly probably don't get in enough assorted nutrients, so this has made my life a whole lot healthier, and easier. If you're curious, this flavor and this flavor have been my favorites so far (both pictured above!)

Let me know if you try!

Reminder my code is rsf55franacciardo which gets you 55% off your first box


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