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This Week's Top 10

garden goals via mark d. sikes

 1. Happy Friday! This weekend is Joe's birthday and I am very excited to be in Madison to celebrate with him! It has been such a lovely and relaxing week here so far, just cooking together, and going for runs along my favorite paths from college. 

2. I shared the July mood board this week here! Check it out and download your new desktop and iPhone wallpaper if you haven't yet!

3. I recently got an Instagram Ad for this dress and I don't think a dress has ever been more me. I literally need it, except I don't, because I have nowhere to wear it :')

4. Speaking of dresses, this $21 dress is perfect for summer.

5. I have been following this Hamptons wedding content for the past month and can not get enough of the photos.

6. Currently reading this book for a book club I'm in for work! I haven't finished it yet but it's SO inspiring. Highly recommend it if you're looking for a new self-help/motivational type book.

7. Going to share a new blog post all about my current/updated skincare routine soon, but for now, my new favorite product is this exfoliator. I use it 2-3 times a week and it makes my face feel so soft and clean. Better than any exfoliator I've tried before!

8. This is my new favorite necklace, from Heather Fearne Jewelry. Love to support a small business from Milwaukee. All of her pieces are so trendy and cute, and super affordable! I have been wearing this necklace almost every day, and I think this one is fabulous.

9. These $40 sandals are fabulous

10. Before we head out for the weekend, I found this article really informative: 5 of the biggest news stories you need to know from the week, in a quick article that's easy to understand!

Have a great weekend


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