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My Latest Skincare Routine

Since becoming a "real adult," aka living alone in my own apartment, taking care of myself, being financially independent, and all of that ~fun~ stuff (lol, not), I've learned to prioritize self-care and the importance of putting intentional effort toward doing things that make me feel like I have my sh*t together. One of those things specifically has been developing a skincare routine that really works for me. I'm excited to share my latest and greatest skincare routine, in partnership with Maelove!

I've mentioned Maelove a few times, so maybe you recognize the brand name, but before we even get into the specific products, let me just explain why I think they're a fabulous company. 

What makes Maelove a unique skincare company is not only the fact they are founded by a group of friends who are brilliant MIT grads, but they specifically designed their brand around using the same ingredients and formulas that luxury skincare brands use, but without the markups. Aka, you can get essentially the same products you would from a luxury brand but for under $30 (seriously, almost everything they offer is under $30 with the exception of a few products!). Their formulas are quality-based and backed by science, without comprising cute packaging or marking up the price. I actually tried a few Maelove products organically before they reached out to work together, so I can attest that I am true fan.

Let's get into the products I have and why I love them!

Let's start with the Deep Exfoliator facial scrub because it's my favorite of the bunch. I'll begin by saying I've always been a big fan of exfoliating. My skin is naturally a bit rough, so I've always tried to smooth it out. However, this usually meant using exfoliators that were too harsh and ended up scratching my skin and leaving it red, or using a product that was too soft and didn't do anything... I'm not kidding when I say this Maelove exfoliating scrub is the best I've ever tried. It exfoliates just the perfect amount so your skin feels immediately soft after you use it, but doesn't end up red or irritated at all. I use this product about twice a week and I've felt (and seen!) a serious difference in the smoothness of my skin since. 

(exfoliator not pictured because i think i left it in my hotel room this weekend omg. but you already know i'll be ordering a new one asap!)

Up next we have The One cream which is a close second favorite. In addition to exfoliating, I've always taken moisturizing *very* seriously. If you've been following me for a while, you have probably seen me rave about a few different moisturizers endlessly over the years. I mean, I love moisturizers. It is arguably the most important part of skincare (next to SPF!) However, over the past year or so, I actually noticed my skin changing more, especially when it came to moisture levels. I assume this is correlated with my diet, lifestyle, and hormones all shifting a bit after college. 

So, over the past year, I've tried probably three or four different moisturizers, and the reason I love this one is because it is thick, but not heavy. I love a thick moisturizer because to me, it just gives a vibe of like, yessss this is full of amazing, hydrating, good-for-my-skin ingredients. But, it's not thick in a way that feels too heavy. It's just thick, blends in really nicely to my skin, and gives me a noticeable glow after I apply it. I usually moisturize just once a day, either morning or night (depends on the day), and love this either way. I feel like it could be a pretty universal moisturizer, working for most skin types because of the level of hydration it gives. I suppose that explains why they named it "the one," LOL.

So those are my two favorite products, but let's get into the rest! I have a handful of Maelove serums, which are truly unmatched when it comes to quality ingredients at the best price point. My favorites include the Glow Maker, the Hydrator, the Calming Serum, and the perfect intro-to-retinol serum Stargaze. How cute are those names?!

To be completely transparent, I used to think serums didn't do anything and I just found it confusing to know how often to use them and which order to incorporate them into my skincare routine. I started doing research when I was introduced to all of these new serums and learned that you're supposed to apply your skincare in the order of thinnest to thickest, so toner to serums to creams. I’ve begun using a few different serums throughout the week, and the redness I used to see around my cheeks has drastically diminished, and my skin has a noticeably more radiant glow!

I've really enjoyed the Glow MakerNIA 10 Calming Serum, and the Hydrator. I apply the Glow Maker serum right after cleansing, unless (occasionally) I use a toner first. The Glow Maker is a Vitamin C based serum, which is one of the best ingredients for skin health, as I'm sure you've definitely heard-- it's all the rage right now! 

On nights when I want extra hydration, I'll apply the Hydrator gel after, and always finish everything off with The One cream and an eye cream if it's nighttime. I also mentioned redness around my cheeks-- I like to incorporate the NIA 10 Calming Serum a couple of times a week as well, which I think is the main serum that has targeted this concern of mine. Niacinamide (Vit B3), Zinc and White Tea extract make up this "effective but also gentle serum that helps to calm skin while boosting moisture, correcting redness and improving skin texture and tone over the long run" (from Maelove website). I'm telling you guys... they know what they're doing!

About once or twice a week I'll use the Stargaze, which is a retinol serum that is specially designed for people who are new to retinol, as it's a lower concentrated form. However, if you're already using retinol and your skin can handle it, they have the Moonlight serum for you!

Products I want to try next: their SPF 30 moisturizer and their resurfacing serum!

Have you ever tried Maelove products?! They offer free shipping & returns, and if you're not happy with your Maelove purchase (which I doubt it!), return within 100 days for a full refund!


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