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Shopbop's Sitewide Sale

fall fashion sweater blazer winter whites

Now that I'm a ~working adult,~ I want to stop shopping for quantity and instead focus on quality pieces that I will have forever. One of the best places, in my opinion, to find fabulous, high-quality clothing is Shopbop! In college, I rarely placed orders at Shopbop for everyday clothing because it was just too expensive and too nice for outfits that I'd end up wearing to class. Now that I am planning a move to NYC and clearing out my closet, I want to fill my closet with nice pieces and their sitewide sale is a great opportunity to grab pieces that rarely get discounted!

It's kind of ironic that I didn't shop at Shopbop more in college because their headquarters is 10 minutes off-campus in Madison, so when I did order things, it would always come the next day for free. 

Anyway, shipping is still free, so are returns, and here are the deets on the sale:

15% off $200+

20% off $500+

25% off $800+

with code FALL20

I'm not planning on spending over $800, but even ordering one or two things that never go on sale will get you to the $200 mark on Shopbop, and that saves you $30 which is better than nothing on brands that rarely get marked down!

Here are my picks:

For example, something I wouldn't have splurged on previously but now feel like I can: this pair of AGOLDE jeans. I have eyed these jeans for a couple of years but never felt comfortable spending almost $200 on a pair... however, now that they're on sale (never happens!), I'm actually making a sustainable income, and they are high quality so I'd have them for years to come, it's like, why wouldn't I at least try them? 

A few other pieces worth noting:

This dress would be perfect for Thanksgiving with a pair of boots like these... I love this style of boot and really want this pair.

This, to me, is a perfect black sweater. I can't imagine a day this wouldn't be in style or an outfit you couldn't wear it with!

This puffer coat is so cute, looks so warm, and would be a great investment! And this looks just like my leather puffer that you all loved so much this winter.

My favorite Veja's are included in the sale!

I think this is also a great time to pick up some high-quality basics like nice leggings, a new white t-shirt, or a luxurious pajama set.


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