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This Week's Top 10

photo via @golden_essential

1. THIS BEAUTY PRODUCT IS MAGIC!! Seriously, I got it a couple of weeks ago and I don't think I've ever had this kind of feeling about a product before. It's a glowy tinted moisturizer that changes your face from eh to omgg ahhhh.... immediately. It's so incredible. I let Celia try it when she was in Madison with me last week and she was also hooked immediately. I think this is the only place it's in stock right now, and although I haven't shopped this website before, they have free shipping!

2. I am so excited for my trip! I leave Sunday morning, and here's what I'm packing.

3. A fellow UW-Madison alumni reached out to me to share her company, The Safest Space, which is an online mental health studio for college students and post-grads. The goal for The Safest Space is to offer students and post-grads ways to heal their nervous systems (aka their stress response) and create powerful self-care tools during their time in college that will serve them throughout their lives. The membership seems incredible, and if you are interested in trying it out, she is giving away a free month right now with code LOVEYOURBODY (you have to sign up first with your email)!

4. I've really been vibing with my Summer 2020 playlist.

5. I ordered this top and I am so happy with it -- it's so me and I think it'll be really cute on the beach next week. I got a size small for reference; it's oversized!

6. Celia and I made homemade pesto this week and it was incredible. We put it on everything... TJ's cauliflower gnocchi one night for dinner, and spinach/mushroom/egg/chickpea bowls for lunch the next day. I think I am going to put it on some chicken or pasta to finish it off! Or maybe I'll dip a sweet potato in it... it's just so good. I'll share the recipe next week!

7. Love this scalloped one piece and this chic ribbed buckle one piece that are both under $40!

8. Lucy wrote a great blog post on building a summer capsule wardrobe filled with pieces that are all under $50!

10. Happy Father's Day weekend! Are you doing anything fun with your dad?



  1. Those sunglasses are so cute! I am obsessed with tortoise prints.


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