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This Week's Top 10

image via dawn.tan -- i love her IG!

1. I've been listening to my OG summer playlist this week and it's giving me the good vibes that I didn't realize I needed. Also been listening to this running playlist of mine which carried me through my eight-mile run yesterday!

2. Speaking of music: this is my new favorite Instagram account to follow. I also followed her on Spotify, and I've been listening to this playlist all week, too! It's so good! If you like my playlists, I feel like you'd love hers!

3.  I love seeing the "fruit snack challenge" videos on Instagram, and I especially liked this one. I just think it's so entertaining... like whether it's babies, dogs, or people clearly making fun of it, I find it incredibly enjoyable. It is definitely my favorite quarantine challenge so far... haha.

4. Could anything be prettier than this Palm Beach apartment?

5. Also home decor related: lol, why do I need this vase?
And... how am I just discovering this cute online boutique?!

6. This candle is gorgeous and inexpensive! -- a rare combo to find!
Similarly:  I discovered this Etsy shop this week -- sustainable candles + sprays with clean, chic packaging!

7. I've been following Humans of New York on Instagram forever, but kind of forgot about the account until this post popped up in my feed last week (thanks, algorithm). Omg. I actually almost cried reading this caption. I always say everything happens for a reason.... and omg. I just.... this is so worth the read.

8. Everything about this sports bra is perfect. I mentioned it in my Instagram stories on Wednesday! It's so cute, comfortable, and supportive... the trifecta for sports bras, which is difficult for me to find, as someone with a bit of a larger chest who likes to run. I took a medium in this sports bra and its seriously amazing. You can use my code FRANUP20 for 20% off if you want to try it out for yourself!

9. Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What finally released her book last week and I had to order it after seeing all of the feedback and excerpts on her Instagram. It just seems so unique and fascinating, especially for someone moving to NYC and interested in building a business like she has! I'm going to read it after I finish this one that I started on Wednesday.

10. In case you missed it: on the blog this week I shared why I had a quarantine meltdown, how to get a Serena & Lily home look for less, and a ton of things I am loving right now under $50!

What have you been loving this week?

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