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This Week's Top 10

(what I wish my quarantine set-up looked like -- photo via Harlowe James)

All of this time stuck at home has found me behind a screen more hours of the day than not. While I am doing the best I can to get outside, move my body, and still live in some sort of a routine, I am finding myself on Instagram, reading the news, and consuming content more than I otherwise would be. That said, I've found a variety of things I have seen, watched, or read this week that I think are worth sharing. And they're not (for the majority!) pandemic related.

First and foremost: if you are a college senior (like me!), and have not yet watched Margot Lee's video to the class of 2020, do that. 

1. It goes without saying that COVID-19 is what everyone is talking about, so let's start there. This list of 50 memes made me laugh, without diminishing the harsh reality of the situation. I have found the best thing to do is try to make light of it where we can, and I have to say, some of these had me laughing out loud. #22 could not be more relatable.

2. I need a book to read... really badly. Since the library is closed (we know I love the library!), I ordered Verity by Colleen Hoover on Amazon. Two of my top recommendations for you: The Woman in the Window for a thriller (that I wrote about here), or Little Fires Everywhere (which everyone seems to be reading right now, so if you haven't yet, you need to get on it! I wrote about it here -- has anyone watched the show? I haven't yet!)

3. WHO ELSE IS WATCHING TIGER KING?! It took me a minute to get into it, and I'm only on episode 3, but it's insane. I rarely watch Netflix, but after a variety of my friends couldn't stop talking about it, I had to watch. It's crazy and entertaining and interesting all at the same time.

4. I'm not really shopping right now, mostly because I have nowhere to go that I need anything new to wear. Buuuut, Anthropologie is having an extra 50% off their sale, and there are a few things worth mentioning: this camo sweatshirt, this bed (my guilty pleasure is bed shopping for my future apartment), this chic black sweater, a pretty white top for spring, perfect leather booties that come in five colors, and this lilac cardigan.

5. Ok just one more shopping thing because I really think this top + white jeans + espadrilles could be the cutest date or dinner with friends outfit for spring, and it's only $20!

6. If you're trying to work out at home but need some ideas, I love following Cali Fuller on Instagram. Her workouts are so well organized, and they're both simple and effective. I just did a bunch of random moves from a variety of her workouts on my yoga mat the other day (for only 15 minutes), and my legs are definitely more sore than I would like to admit.

7. If you're quarantining solo or single, this article could not be more relatable. Like... you should probably go read it.

8. Confession: I am obsessed with stalking people on Venmo... creepy? totally. insightful? absolutely. am I ashamed? a little bit. I loved this article.

9. This is my favorite song, so this video... I can't stop watching.

10. Shocking, I'm sharing more music!! So after sharing my quarantunes playlist, I made another one. This one we call "indie quarantunes," and it's a work in progress, but I'm into it.

I hope you're all hanging in there. We are all in this together!!
Sending virtual love and good vibes.


  1. loving the content this quarantine! keep hangin in there Fran!


  2. I <3 your quarantine content! Just discovered Hell N Back a few weeks... love the video!

    Socially distant,


    1. Aw thanks Bailey!!! omg... such a great song!

      thanks for reading <3


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