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March Moodboard

I've been on a big "good vibes" mission since getting back to school. I don't know exactly how to describe it besides that it is what it sounds like... everything I've been doing has been (mostly, or at least intentionally) pretty centered around how good the vibes are. For example, I've been surrounding myself with people who make me happy, switching up my workouts because it just makes me feel good, and shopping more intentionally to build a wardrobe I love.

If you follow me on Instagram, you also may have noticed the excessive use of the phrase "living my truth" that's been prevalent recently. Celia (one of my roommates!) came up with the phrase a couple of weekends ago (no idea how) when we were all having the Sunday Scaries and was like "guys, don't worry about what you did last night... you were just living your truth." It is just the funniest phrase but actually so applicable to every single thing... whether you skipped a workout, watched too much Netflix too late at night, or spent a Saturday dartying instead of studying, you can't blame yourself because it was just your truth in the moment... hahaha.

I've been literally just living my truth for the last couple of weeks and it's quite fun. Collecting good vibes and living my truth... what a reality. How many brain cells do you think you've lost by reading these last three paragraphs?! ;)

My friend Natalie inspired me last month to get back into making a monthly mood board. Not only is it a really fun way to spend an afternoon, but it gets me so inspired!

So, in addition to living my truth and soaking up all of the good vibes this month, I am looking forward to spring break, sunnier and warmer weather, and the start of iced coffee season. March gives me creamy, light green vibes, and that's what inspired this mood board. Specifically, I am dying to go a bit blonder, fill my apartment with fresh flowers, and spend time enjoying the sun because it's finally out.

I also centered my entire March playlist around "my truth." So, if you're new here, that means lots of indie and alternative. This playlist is just songs that feel very me! Enjoy it if you listen!

Happy March!

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