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Major Poshmark Update

ASOS cold shoulder cable knit

Hey everyone! With the current KonMari / Marie Kondo trend, I've finally gotten around to putting some of my clothing on my Poshmark. The whole idea behind the method (in case you haven't seen it all over the internet and other blogs in the last few weeks!) is to get rid of anything that doesn't "spark joy" to you anymore. Lately I've been feeling uninspired with my wardrobe, so I just decided to sell anything that I've had for a while or that no longer "sparks joy" for me when I wear it. I'm going through a little bit of seasonal challenge with my clothes right now where I feel like I hate everything and just want to start over completely, so please feel free to make me offers lower than the listed prices if you want to. I just want to get rid of everything so I'm flexible!

You can shop my closet on Poshmark here, or search my username, 'frannieacciardo' in the app.

Here are a few of the pieces I've listed still available (and there are a ton more up, too!):

Missguided Pink Borg Trucker Jacket

J. Crew black v-stripe sweater

Striped off shoulder top

Striped short sleeve top

Zara bell sleeve dress

Southern Proper cross back sweater

Anthropologie lace cami

There are so many more pieces listed, so check out my entire closet here! I will definitely keep updating it, so keep checking back!

Do you use Poshmark? I would love to shop your closet too!

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